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Schiff & Warren Scheme To Force Republican Out

Schiff & Warren Scheme To Force Republican Out

The Democrats are back to making coordinated attacks against Republican Attorney General William Barr in the hopes of getting him to resign. 

Representative Adam Schiff went on CNN’s “New Day” to complain that, “I was one of those making the case he never should have been confirmed and certainly not confirmed unless he committed to recusing himself from an investigation where he had an obvious bias. And now we’re seeing that bias playing out time and time again.”

“He should have never been given the job under these circumstances. Now I think in the interest of the department, he should step down, but I have no expectation that he will,” Schiff continued. “What we are seeing is anyone who gets close to Donald Trump becomes tainted by that experience, and the fundamental conundrum is how do you ethically serve a deeply unethical president? And as we are seeing with Bill Barr and I think as we saw with Rod Rosenstein, you can’t.”

In what appears to be a planned move, shortly after Schiff’s remarks Senator Elizabeth Warren jumped on Twitter to echo the sentiment. 

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These Democrats are spitting into the wind however as Barr has constantly defended his actions regarding the Mueller report and shows no signs of stepping down. 

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  • During his grilling before the Senate committee, AG Barr took the Hillary defense. When asked questions that were heavily biases, he said “I don’t remember”. It worked for Clinton;’ they need to let it work for him.

  • Schiff and Warren are a disgrace to USA as elected officials. They had better get more in tune with the people rather than trying to bully Bill Barr.

    • Agree – they should both be immediately removed from office. They are a disgrace to all Americans. Both are liars and their trust questionable.

    • The Democraps are liars will be liars and have lied in the past present and future and will continue to be the lying party and they will have to answer to Jesus Christ as the judge of judges and then be sentenced to the lake of fire and if they don’t want to go to hell they had better work with Trump and not impeach him since God wanted Trump in the presidency and if God wants him in again you Democraps can’t do anything about impeaching him since God won’t let you.

      • You might as well not talk to Democrats about God, they don’t believe that God exists, if they did they wouldn’t lie all the time, because in Gods eyes, lying is a sin. And they are most a surely going to another place they don’t believe in, HELL.

    • Until this idiot Shiffty produces his “I have seen the document” to back up his remarks I say just shut up and go away.

    • I think it is you who needs to get in tune with the country I can’t even begin to imagine why you would even use the word bullying since the biggest bully out there is #DerangedDonald This man has broken many laws caused the death of many people and yet has never been held accountable. He has also alienated us from all our allies and instead chose to be buddies with Putin North Korea Saudi Arabia all countries with dictators is that what you want for this country why do the Republicans and any idiot that falls for any of his rhetoric seem to think it’s OK and that Democrats are evil do you really believe that anything he does to affect Medicare Social Security or any other program that he wants to/or take away is not going to affect you but somehow your name is on his list of people not to do it too honestly you cannot be that stupid or can you I have heard so many stupid people on TV news interviews talking about how great Trump is yet not believing everything he’s doing is going to affect them as well how ignorant can one be we are all descendants of immigrants this Country was built by immigrants and yet now he calls Mexico a shit hole he refers to brown people as POS yet no one notices all the mass shootings in schools theaters clubs synagogues are white people Who believe that now is the time to do what they want because #DrangeDonald Believes them to be good people let that sink in for a while and why don’t you try praying and talking to Jesus do you really think Jesus would approve any of this disgraceful presidency a president who i has a foul mouth does not know how to speak has no morals just ask his ex-wives which by the way were all immigrants and he used the chain link for immigrants to bring family members over her parents were brought over that way and somehow magically were given citizenship in the USA almost immediately yet everyone else on the southern border are waiting years. I also know that not only are they excepting immigrants from Ireland or Scotland they actually are trying to bring them over and they go through the system extremely quick and are given citizenship. I also know Trump has condos in Florida that are solely rented out at an enormous rate to women from Russia so that they can have their babies here are US citizenship yet he wants to end it for anyone else but you don’t see that in the news but anyone that wants to know if it’s true or not hit me up and I will give you the link that shows The interview that was done and exactly what was said America needs to wake up and I mean on both sides publicans and Democrats were meant to work together balance and check that was the constitution not to bite each other not to name call not to smear but work together with the better of the United States what’s happening now is a total disgrace we are the laughingstock around the world our economy is so great according to him yet farmers are receiving subsidies for their crops that can’t be sold because of tariffs millions and millions of dollars and one of those to collect on the subsidies Ted Cruz I watched as he interviewed this steel mills I had product warehouse just sitting there collecting dust because there was no one to buy everyone was so happy when he re-opened it but slowly they had to shut down again come on people do your own research it’s really not hard quit going by the word of one person do your own fact checking it is so easy with the Internet you can find out virtually anything I guarantee you you’ll find out more than what you know and what you think you know of his presidency or of his public life prior to his presidency this man is a bully and a thug He has been and always will be he is already threatened that if he doesn’t win in 2020 he’s got a military the police department and the motorcycle gangs behind him and if he’s voted out it would be a big mistake those are his words those are his threats there’s a puzzle with he has been and always will be he’s already threatened that if he doesn’t win in 2020 he’s got a military the police department and the motorcycle gangs behind him and if he’s voted out it would be a big mistake those are his words those are his threats

      • No body is perfect but President Trump is not the one who said that our country is no longer a Christian country. He is also not the one who wrote executive orders in direct violation of the Constitution of the United States of America. Also if you want to live in a socialist country then move to one, I’ll even help you pack.

    • Hey Schiff, you fuc…g faggot. It is you who is DEEPLY UNETHICAL. You should be arrested for treason too, and put to death along with you other deeply unethical scumbags, Comey, McCabe, Strozk, Page, Brennen etc. When found guilty in a court of law for treason, you will be put to death which is what America does to its treasonous scumbags in power.

  • Phony “Pocahontas” Elizabeth Warren, and Shifty “No Evidence” Adam Schiff are great examples of the Post-Modern, unethical Left. The more they rant, the more they destroy what was left of a once powerful, persuasive political party.

    • These two clowns have no idea how much they are helping the republican party. The more that they talk the more damage they do. I and as many friends I talk to all say that they will never vote for a demoncrap again. We should thank these two for the good that they are doing for the republicans. They are becoming two of our best vote getters, Thanks

  • Adam Schiff has a reputation for, shall we say not telling the truth, after all he alone has seen the evidence of collusion. He does not have the best interest of this country in mind, only where the next TV camera is.

  • Schiff and Warren need to back off before they start a war here. Trump is the president for the people and if you don’t like it than move. GTFO of the USA NOW!

  • I BELIEVE it is time for Schiff and Warren need to step down from there polical office and there job as Congress AND Senate, they’re passing so much bull shit and there LIES, these 2 and others should not have been able to hold public office because all they do is lie and are trying to give this country away ,the DEMOCRATS are the ONES who are dividing the country not the PRESIDENT or the Republicans PARTY.

    • It’s long past time for a constitutional limit on all federal elected and appointed officials to a maximum of 8 years, with no reelection or appointment in any other federal position or agency.

  • Elizabeth Warren, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, and others, are a disgrace, and their alarming efforts to not accept the Mueller report show that they are not credible people to be in the positions that impact federal law enforcement. They should resign—and based on the actual facts in the inactions they are taking in actually doing their jobs instead of fighting Trump, Congress should begin impeachment proceedings against all of the above mentioned idiots.

    • Great Comment Larry – Why doesn’t Congress start Criminal Proceedings against the above mentioned Democrats Idiots (They are a real Disgrace) – other countries are listening and watching us? It’s about time that someone does before they really Destroy our Country.. Wake Up People this is your chance……

  • Typical of Schiff and Warren everyone knows what they fabricate on a regular basis they are so full of shit I don’t know how they get voted into office their districts are falling apart unless you’re rich in San Fran my niece said there’s human Waste everywhere so Polosi days are numbered we can only hope that Schiff Nadler and Schumer as wall as warren are too

    • These two clowns are doing us a huge favor, neither one has a chance of winning and all they are doing is making our decision to vote against a demoncrap a easy decision. We should thank them for making our choice so easy. I will under no circumstance ever vote for a demoncrap.

    • If all they can do is keep going in circles like Hillary then just leave them to GOD. Repenting is their only hope. On another case everyone should stop using twitter. They took me off for saying the same thing the democrats say all the time about GOD an Trump.

  • More baseless allegations that don’t even sniff of a crime–much less anything unethical or the least bit inappropriate. Of course, it comes from one person (Schiff) who completely made stuff up about Trump and the Mueller investigation for over TWO YEARS, and the other who made up stuff about who she is for DECADES, pretending to be a native American and using this to get jobs and advance her career.

    These are the last people that should be accusing anyone on morals and ethics.


  • Both shed and Pocahontas is a disgrace to this country and need to be taken out of office as soon as possible .

  • Shifty Schiff & Warrior Warren are like all other Democrats simply trying to keep on a false offensive as cover/deflection for Hillary & her criminal team of bureaucrats at the FBI & DOJ.
    We know who (most) of you are.

  • Obama was and is a person of dubious character….
    we are being polite…….a very
    Slick person who did nothing
    And divided this country

  • What more can we say
    It’s the truth and why hide
    From the truth………don’t protect any one

  • The democrats voted for these two idiots, they need to vote them out, before they completely destroy their party

  • Barr shouldn’t be in but it was ok to put Mueller and his anti Trump, pro Clinton mob of lying attorneys in? Schiff is a total idiot and Warren is as dumb as bricks.

  • ALL they ever do is complain when they don’t get there way, just a bunch of crybabies. Try working with OUR President and maybe you’ll get something done.

    Joe W.

  • Schiff should take a look at himself before accusing anyone of wrongs. He is nothing but a common liar, no morals at all. There is not one DEMOCRAT that I would trust.

  • my comment is about how these jerks get away with anything they want to do.Schiff is a complete idiot ,no proof just a big mouth filled with crap and blumberg is beyond help H E REALLY IS A STUPID FOOL HE HAS NOTHING TO DO BUT COMPLAIN,WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO PUT S,O,B LIKE HIM IN A BASKET AND PUT THEM AWAY.I HAVE NEVER SEEN SUCH A PILE OF JUNK COME OUT OF THE MAN YET

    • Blumberg is the Senator who pushed continuous lies about being in Vietnam and a combat vet. How can you believe or even accept anything this unethical person puts out.

  • The house democrats embarrassed themselves today! They are simply running scared before the report on the investigation of Clinton. Harris and Horono were absolutely guttural! If I had been AG Barr I would have told them, “I will be happy to return when you grow up.” and left the room!

  • The demoasses are upset because they thought that Barr would listen to them after Mueller ended his investigation. Well too bad you do not have that kind of pull with the Attorney General. Barr did everything according to the law. Rosenstein was also there and stood by Barr when he declared per the report that Trump was cleared, innocent of Collusion, which is what the special counsel was suppose to do. If you don’t like what Barr determined then your bitch is with Mueller because he is the one who left the report up to Barr to release.. if he wanted Congress to do it then he should have stated so. All of you are obstructionist, that which you try to say Trump is guilty of. You do everything in your power to stop Trump from achieving his goals for the country. Why? Well because you hate Trump and he beat Hillary, your idol. Well I think you all are suffering from Trump Syndrome and you don’t realize as long as the American people are behind Trump you will always lose. What will you do when Trump wins in 2020 and when the Republicans take back the House. Can’t wait to see your faces on election night.

  • Adam Schiff, is a Corrupt Liar, same with Warren. Schiff should be indited for leaking classified information to the media. Everything out of his mouth are lies.
    AG Barr the best AG, The US has had in a long time. He knows the LAW. This is why the democrats are in such a tizzy, they know Barr has The evidence on Hillary Clinton, Obama, and his regime, and the rest of the democrat politicians who are attempting a political Coupe against President Trump and his administration.

  • No proof of High Crimes or misdemeanors. If there were Mueller would have said so. The Dems are going to screw themselves in 2020.



  • I don’t feel qualified to comment on Elizabeth Warren’s ethical behavior as I am as yet less than familiar with her. I will not support her because she is a socialist and a moron. Nuff said. Adam Schiff however I know PLENTY about. This is one man who would be better served to AVOID the discussion of ethics altogether. He is the consummate DC swamp monster and has sub- zero credibility with me….talk about calling the kettle…geez!

  • Give Shiff or Warren or for that matter any of those Dem’s half a brain and they could be dangerous.

  • Why don’t you damn democrats just stop the bull and lies you are telling. You dems. are the disgrace I’ve always known you to be. The terrible way you treated Barr is also a disgrace. There’s nothing wrong with the President. You dems. keep making things out of nothing. We all know President Trump didn’t do anything wrong but o’boy Obama and Hillary did. Now lets begin the special investigation on Hillary and Obama. We all know there is corruption and much more on the left. Let the game begin. Time to go after the dems. The dems are the nastiest people I know.

  • You Progressive Liberal Commie Socialist Democrats Need To Be Man/Woman Enough To Except That Your Pair Of Arrogant Bunch Of Lying Idols Big Time Cheated And Lost The Illegal Way During The 2016 US Presidential Election, By NOT Following The US Constitution To The Letter And All Of The Time, And Did NOT Take The Oath Of Office For Either The US House Of Representatives And The US Senate To Serve And Protect The US Constitution, The Legally Elected US President Mr. Donald John Trump AAAnd We The Legal Citizens/People And The Legal Immigrants Of The United States Of America! When I Said Cheated, By NOT Wanting To Improve The 1997 US Immigration And Naturalization Act, To Keep “We The Legal Citizens/People And Legal Immigrants Of The USA SAFE, SECURE AND HAPPY FOR ONLY OUR POSTERITY, LIKE IT SAYS IN THE PREAMBLE OF THE US CONSTITUTION, FROM AAALLLLLL OF THOSE Dangerous, Deadly Violent And Destructive ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS-ALIENS, WHO HAVE BEEN ILLEGALLY INVADING THE USA’S SOUTHERN BORDER for More Than The Last 3 To 5 Decades, LIKE IT IS A OLD FASHIONED UNSECURED REVOLVING FRONT AND BACK DOORS!!! I wonder why The Pope Is Illegally Helping all of those IIA’s, When He Won’t Protect Saint Peters (The Rock) Cathedral [The Vatican], And Besides He Feels Protected In And Behind The Vatican’s Walls!!!! Mr. Francis Needs To Destroy those Walls Of His and Send His Vatican Guards Home Permanently, Before He Tells The USA To NOT Build The USA’s Southern Border Wall1!!!!

  • 1% Cherokee I believe these Democrats are in the hairline of fire because of there involved with the clintons

  • For years now (I live in Massachusetts) Warren has held an office that once belonged to a Kennedy, back when the Democratic party actually cared about regular, blue collar working families. A relative was on the Governor’s Counsel decades ago and was high up in John F Kennedy’s campaign staff. My Dad used to say it’s not “God Bless America” anymore, it’s “God Save America” He was so right, every time this woman opens her mouth another lie pops out. Great men like JFK would be disgusted. She’s in her second term and has done absolutely nothing for the people here. She’s a confirmed liar and gradually (Thank God) the people here are getting sick of her. Literally everyone I know has switched from Democratic to Independent. The Democrat’s have become the most serious threat to this country’s well being, they’ve proven time after time they have the morals of an alley cat, which means NONE!!!

  • Since MR. TRUMP has become POTUS the Democrats have done nothing to help America. All their time and energy has been focused on trying to get MR. TRUMP impeached. When are they going to realize the man is innocent? I think they want him out because of how much he has MAGA! And, they’re so jealous because they can never equal up to him.

  • How many years is Schiff going to serve for leaks? I heard they are going to make it severe by making Warren his cell mate.

  • If I were Schiff I would be worried about Barr investigating me for colluding with Russians to obtain blackmail material against President Trump. He was recorded attempting to obtain this evidence, but it turned out he was punked by Veritas. What was his part in the coup attempt????

  • Well, the real reason they want AG Barr gone is because they know there will be severe consequences to their corruption…they know they are so deep into corruption that they won’t be indicted under one or two charges, but a multitude of charges …they’re scared ”schiffless” 💩😂….Lady Justice is pi$$3d & the corruption she has witnessed over the decades makes her want to shove the balance (scales of justice) up a bunch of corrupt people’s @$$ while Lady Liberty cauterized the wound with her torch…

  • Hard to believe that bobblehead Schiff is still able to walk around after all the lies he has told. His nose is so long it wraps around his feet. Come on…does anyone still listen and believe anything he has to say anymore? Please.

  • These past two years, looking at the reaction of Democrats, people who support Democrats and the media that has represented the Democrats, has given Americans a clear view of the”DEEP STATE”. While selling Americans dreams of a promised “state of being” they have been dishonest,corrupt and self-serving. Justice will prevail and the Republican party will once again be the “party of having destroyed slavery” and now defeating the party of false promises.

  • Everyone knows that the Sociaist Progressive’s want AG Barr out because Barr maybe going to investigate the Obama’s Administration and Hildabeast’s Fake Dossier and collusion with Russia !

  • People what we are witnessing here is the self destruction of the democratic party and how easy it is , just keep feeding them the truth. The power is in the truth. These senators and congressman has failed the american people greatly by serving them self and there party instead of the people. If I were in a blue state I would be demanding there resignations, they are and have been a disgrace to there states, our country and most important to the american people who elected them.

  • Anyone with an IQ above “0” can clearly see how much better our country is presently, thanks to what Trump has managed to accomplish despite the constant attempts by Dems. to basically keep him from accomplishing anything positive for this country. They have wasted 100’s of millions of taxpayer dollars on investigations based on 100% lies and unfounded accusations that originated from the Dem. partys top officials.
    Just imagine how much better and safer this country would be for citizens and LEGAL IMMIGRANTS if the socialistic liberal dems. spent any time doing their jobs and representing the people that put them in the positions they currently hold and show at least some concern for the safety and well being of the citizens of this country.

  • I have never seen in my life rime of 81 years such chicken shi. low brows dumbass than they have in the democratic party now! They are embarrassing America! The people in Mass are embarrassed by the wants be. indian ab bugg eyes is scary he is so dumb!

  • Well shifty schiff you & Nadler needs to wake-up to the fact that you were wrong about the President , but you won’t because you are both idiots & liberal democrats Come out of your fantasy world As far as you & Elizabeth Warren another liberal idiot democrat same goes for her !!! Get over 2016 loss

  • all politicians are so keyed up about trying to stab the President in the back, that their actual jobs for running this country have gone by the wayside or taken a backseat to their other “garbage” the american people voted them in and they can vote them out

  • Most people see Barr for the shill he is . The man is very impressed with himself. Calling Muellers letter snippy is quite a childish deflection from being caught misrepresenting the investigation. I don’t need to see Trump impeached. We all got a good look at him these past two years and it ain’t pretty . We, as a nation are falling farther and farther behind and we need some ideas that don’t involve giving more to the rich in hopes that something will trickle down. The economy isn’t the problem it is the distribution of ghee success we are having. Warren hands down is the person who is interested the real Americans. She works hard and has solid plans and good ideas. Any perceived questionable honesty concerning pocohantas is no longer relevant in a Trump world

  • So for two years Shift went on every news show he could get his scrawny neck onto and adamantly said Trump was a conspirator working for Russia, he claimed time and again to have proof, and defended Muller saying it would be obstruction of justice to interfere with Muller’s biased one-sided investigation. So Trump and the Republicans said fine, do the $35 million dollar investigation unobstructed (talking and insinuating you might do something- then not doing it is not obstruction- sorry Shifty) now the Report is out he is suddenly against Muller, blames Barr (whom he is afraid will now uncover all of his and his fellow crooks wrong criminal treasonous activities) is doing all he can – with the aid of the mindless Dems like Warren to discredit Barr in hopes of intimidating him into not investigating Them!
    Shift and all his Dim Dem friends should be afraid, they should be very afraid, cells are ready for them when the time comes.

  • sounds like Warren and Schiff do not believe in democracy, Maybe they should be arrested for treason. Maybe we should start a democracy matters movement and use them as an example of people who hate democracy,

  • I don’ think Mr. Schiff get it. He is entitled to a vote, and he has the opportunity to speak his opinion, but I’m pretty sure his power ends with his vote. If he loses, he does not have the power to demand Barr resign (because Barr wasn’t his choice). Nancy Pelosi recently predicted that if Trump loses a close election in 2020, she’s afraid that Trump will challenge the fairness of the election. That’s all she and her fellow Democrats do when they lose any vote, run to the media and start to cry because they didn’t get their way. We’ve had enough of Schiff, Nancy, and the entire bunch of these liberal socialists. Drain the swamp in November 2020.




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