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SPY Found In This US Organization

SPY Found In This US Organization

Spy games are afoot as a man pleads guilty to spying for China.

54-year-old Jerry Chun Shing Lee is a naturalized US citizen from Hong Kong, a former CIA agent and a traitor who sold out his country for personal gain.

Lee pled guilty to conspiring to committ espionage on China’s behalf in exchange for promise of a life of wealth.

A report from the New York Post reads:

Jerry Chun Shing Lee, 54, admitted as part of a plea bargain struck Wednesday in federal court in Alexandria that he received regular “taskings” from his Chinese handlers in 2010 and 2011 after the meeting in which he was promised financial assistance.

But the statement of facts filed in court is silent as to whether he actually succeeded in delivering any intelligence to China.

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Whether he delivered secrets to the Chinese “is a matter that will come out to some extent in sentencing,” said US District Judge T.S. Ellis III, who set sentencing for Aug. 23.

Prosecuting attorney G. Zachary Terwilliger said in statement, “Lee sold out his country, conspired to become a spy for a foreign government, and then repeatedly lied to investigators about his conduct.”

He could face life in prison but a potential plea deal could reduce the severity to 18 to 27 years.

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    • I agree hang him. what is this bullshit plea deal. they have so many spies working in boeing, and other government jobs. some girl here in Oklahoma works for the blood institute from china but she flies back and forth with our information. that is scary

  • Real collusion and his not Trump. Sloppy work CIA. Find real spies not those You hope. Back to Real work

  • To all the democrats. Every illegal should be at least finger printed
    with a picture and name. If they don’t have any I.D. send them back.
    Regular Americans are fed up with all the social ideas. Move to a
    social country for even six mo. with only the money the average one
    lives on with housing, meds, food, cars & gas, etc. I get $495.00 per mo.
    for working 38 years at low paying jobs. Resent the free things they get
    for nothing. Jesus is my CARETAKER.

  • Are we supposed to be surprised by this? If China and Russia want to infiltrate our highest levels of security, would it be a good plan to send people from satellite countries, get them “naturalized” citizenships and have them join our security agencies who welcome them. It’s not space science but we keep repeating it and hoping for a different outcome. One guy used drugs through high school and college … then voted for a communist. Amazingly, he was hired by the CIA and eventually appointed Director by Obama. His name is John Brennan. Do the math!

  • I do hope deportation comes along with his prison sentence. Since treason and spying should be a death sentence, the minimum should be immediate deport when released from prison with loss of all his worldly worth to pay for his prison cost.

  • You really can’t trust anybody these days money,sex,drugs any country that doesent want us to exist can find people to betray the United States of America we need to be watching everybody all the time to catch them and then they should get what they would get in these other countries life in jail?death? No special treatment for sure send a MESSAGE don’t mess with us.

  • It is sad for this country that “spying”, “leaking”, disclosing confidential information and those involved in such devastating actions are coming to the forefront NOW — how much damage has already been done. This is the most wonderful country in the world – I know it – Can people be thankful and get together to preserve the goodness of the United States of America – and realize it is not about each one of them…?

  • I must concur with the comment from Mr. Ladd about a firing squad. Even if the perpetrator supposedly “flips” back to “our” side who will trust him ?

  • Why should we execute him when Bill, Hillary and Obama are still at large? Not to mention all of the bit players that they employed to do their nefarious and traitorous deeds. There will be a special place in hell for people who sell out their fellow countrymen.

  • you need american people, i’m a former active duty u.s. marine, i believe in gun ownership, i’m a retirered teamster with 31 years of service, i’m a christian, i vote, i love my country, but, i don’t have a degree on the wall, so i guess, being true to this usa, which i defended against those commey pricks don’t mean squat! come on, employ americans, who you can count on!!! thank you.

  • this JOKER is a nothing, as far as giving those people anything of value, compared to what billy clinton gave them… 1- all the info on how to develop satellites 2- all the info we had on developing NUCLEAR WEAPONS 3-plus keeping low tariffs that have made the country the strongest economic monster that it has become!!! THANX BILLY

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