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Warren Buffett SLAYS Suggestion of Socialism

Warren Buffett SLAYS Suggestion of Socialism

The Oracle of Omaha didn’t hold back in when questioned on his belief in the system. 

“I’m a card-carrying capitalist,” Buffett declared at Berkshire Hathaway’s annual meeting.

“I believe we wouldn’t be sitting here except for the market system and the rule of law on some things that are embodied in this country,” Buffett said. “So you don’t have to worry about me changing in that manner.”

It’s refreshing to hear that Buffett has some appreciation for the system that allowed him to make all of his achievements. As such, Buffett strongly rebuked the idea of turning the country over to socialism.

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While Buffett as frequently endorsed progressive campaigns and ideals, it seems he isn’t willing to share in the idea of forcefully redistributed wealth. 

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  • “I believe we wouldn’t be sitting here except for the market system and the rule of law on some things that are embodied in this country,” Read Mr. Buffet’s entire interview, he’s also very concerned about the state of our unbalanced, unequal economy. The ‘Rule of Law’ is sadly missing in our current economic and political systems.

  • Bernie’s like the fake news. He is supposedly against the rich and says he wants to increase the taxes on them. Also believes in socialism and free medical insurance an care for everyone. He really has no idea or plan on how to pay for all of these radical ideas. Keep in mind that he is also upper class and millionaire so why would he want to raise his own taxes. Like I said this is all fake news, lies, deception to the American people just to get into the WH. President Trump won the 2016 election and is really trying to keep his campaign promises and so far he is doing it. Look at the real facts improved economy,, increased jobs and lowest unemployment rates. So ask yourself, do you trust facts or someone that has not improved or produced anything. Also keep in mind the Democratic Party betrayed him for Hillary and also knew he could not deliver.

    • Bernie did a Hometown Interview on Fox New and he was asked if he thought it was the right thing to Tax the Rich then Why didn’t he Pay More on his Taxes this Year and he quickly changed the Subject… He is Just another Lying Left Wing Lunatic who sits back an Fantasizes about a World he Controls like those Dictators Maduro & Kim Jong -un…. Sorry Bernie the United States of America WILL NEVER be a Socialist Country so give up the Fantasy You Will NEVER be President Hate to Burst Your Bubble!!!

      • Bernie sanders and Alexandria cotex. Are as dumb as a bag of rocks we are watching the fall of a country in chaos becouse of socialist dictators lk russia cuba n korea these two idiots realy think that the usa would ever turn socialist america will never ever be socialist and bernei will never be president and alexandria. Will be out soon the media tryn to boost her up lk shes a super star. She is a bumb fake ass and stupid as anything every time she opens her mouth shows how stupid and unlearned she is G wiss how th hell is she in congree vote her and ihan and all the leftist out


    • @Ronald Giles, WOW, you sir are the true definition of a clueless idiot. I will not go into a lot because I am sure you wont understand it. Trump has done more for this country than any other President in the last 30 years. Dwell on that as you put your dentures back in.

    • Bernie isn’t worried about losing his houses and money, if go to socialism, because he knows Congress will EXEMPT themselves from it. Just like they exempted themselves from Obamacare and insider trading laws!

    • You are right but fell short. Buffet was a big friend of Obama’s and he supported shutting down a light bulb factory, because the bulbs weren’t politically correct, sending the jobs to another country and increasing unemployment here. Buffet also was against the Keystone Pipeline because he owned shares of stock in a railroad that was transporting the oil. Put union workers out of a job on that one. Buffet also said it’s a shame his secretary pays a higher tax rate than he does. Like ALL rich democraps, they’re big talk about raising taxes on the rich but ALWAYS leave loopholes in the tax system that allow for people with 7 figure incomes to write off a lot of their income, thus reducing the amount of income tax they pay. It’s always the middle class and working class poor who gets screwed into paying more taxes. Sure, Trump is rich but he’s actually trying to spread the wealth by lowering taxes and reducing regulations on businesses to create jobs and higher wages. Democraps are just a bunch of greedy, lying, powerhungry pieces of runny manure, sons of female dogs that can all go to hell.

      • So anyone who runs on a “let’s screw the rich” platform would be an acceptable candidate? That is incredibly short sighted and logic defective as Bernie has made that his whole platform! Think about it! O% of the candidates running are “Poor”. Why do you think that thousands of people are willing to risk life and limb and children to get here? We need to do a lot more checking into the candidates and. Parties to see who ACTUALLY improves the environment for jobs and wealth for the poor and whether the capitalists and the rich are contributing or actively repressing the poor. If you actually check this you will see the Trump job numbers are way better and the poor are actually getting pay raises under Trump.

  • No one believes what the barmaid with a small brain tell the democrats that is why they all have the IQ of a mouse.

    • You are right Amnon. We cannot take these morons lightly though. They mean business so we must fight fire with Fire. I am tired of acting like we respect these people when they don’t respect us. It’s time for a real fight.

    • Ha! you are so right – the horseface barmaid and the Demo/Socialists all have the IQ of a mouse, but I think even a mouse has a bigger IQ than these morons in Congress who have a lot to say, but only blow hot air. What a bunch of liars and hopefully all Americans won’t fall for their stupidity and lies. We have a great President who is keeping his promises and that is exactly what the Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, Omar, Talib and the bunch of 21 candidates don’t like.

    • Please don’t put the quiet church mouse to shame. The Dementiacrats are bad enough and so are the socialiscrats.

    • I happen to like the barmaid I think she is what this country needs new younger senators she is the only one that will stand up to any of them meaning Republicans and #DerangedDonaldYouMayThinkSheHasALowIQButIThinkShe’sGreat I think it’s time for all these old geezers I have been at the same job for 3040 years and let some new younger generation to take over with new ideas every year or every four years it’s the same old thing they’re all the same idea as all of the promises even #DonaldTrump Who has completely turned this country upside down given the white supremacist a platform to come out of hiding and do what they want without any worries is divided this country look at never seen before our for fathers did not come up of the constitution for it to be dismantled by one man and you know who I’m talking about he can do anything he wants and no one says anything yet when Bill Clinton had an affair every Republican every evangelical church condemned The one a pair he had. Yet this man has no shame in the fact that he has had many marital affairs he lies daily and that has been fact checked what cracks me up is the churches when asked about his checkered past they only said what he did or does is his business or it’s in the past yet he has caused the death of many people has blood on his hands and all these churches that support him they are not real no where in the Bible does it say prosecute or throw stones at Democrats but we can allow Republicans to do anything without any repercussions #DerangedDonald Is nothing more than a huge bully and thug and his day is coming the battle is not ours it is gods and he will take care of things as they should be and there is this thing called karma and it will come after him and his rotten kids with the exception of Baron I look forward to the day when it comes when Trump has absolutely nothing no trump towers no money nothing but Debt I hope that I’m still alive to see this and even if I’m not I will be watching from Heaven

        • that has to be a friend of A.O.C to be saying all that and how much was he pay to say it she has no clue on what she is even talking about

      • Ron do you know anything about how she came to office? Her backers, Soros organizations and Young Turk Islamists? She doesn’t write her own policy, she doesn’t even have the IQ to understand policy.
        & people were brought in, bought with one million dollar book deal promises for ‘People who could act like Politicians’ and they are not being in place for any sort of advancement of Americanism.. not at all. The 7 were chosen because of low IQ and lack of morality to do exactly what they are doing, create division and disruption.. and no immoral action is restricted.
        The Soros group wants 80 more in 2020, giving the 1% of the population, Muslims, a 15% Activist seating in Congress… you either have no idea about AOC or are participating in the destruction of one party, the DNC and dragging down the other, the RNC.

      • Your a total idiot. You have no idea about America or anything else. Take your socialism to another country because Americans are done with your Democrat party mental illness. You betray your country. You would give up your freedoms for bread lines and stupidity. Please leave. Your a very uneducated person. Lazy, just plain dumb.

      • How dramatic if the demies could find any representative that wasn’t so far out in left field they might have a slight chance. A lot of people are not happy bout Trump presidency but the alternative Hillary No Way and the current list of Demie candidates is no better. So why vote for a crazy socialist for president

      • Ronald, I accept your feelings. I and my family however? Like our President Trump and his helpful family and the great good he is doing for our country and thus the world. Personally tho? I want him to stop the out of control border problem. I also want the past administration leaders to be held accountable for this mess President 45 Trump is dismantling. America the Beautiful

      • You must be a millennial or a thirty something. This would account for your lack of intelligence and life experience. Did you go to school? Did you have a class in world history? Have you ever heard of the USSR, Germany in the 1930’s, World War II, East Berlin (prior to the removal of the wall), and Cuba. You appear to have no knowledge of the failures of Socialism. Perhaps the name Venezuela might ring a bell. America was created in 1776. We have over two hundred years of success in proving the worth of our government system and the value of capitalism. It isn’t perfect but it works well and has checks and balances. By the way all of the socialist systems have failed. As far as Trump is concerned you are completely off base. Go back to the Obama years if you want to experience complete stagnation. Hillary the criminal would have been the same as Obama and the other filthy crooks in his administration. As far as younger politicians are concerned you have not earned the right especially after reading your stupid comments. Grow some respect you dork!

      • Good Lord, where to start. Sadly, it’s quite apparent that you don’t have a clue. I respect your right to have an opinion but geez, at least express a bit of intellect and understanding about who these people (cortez0 really are. She is a proponent of Socialism and maybe islam – because G. Soros tells her to be. You seem to like puppets and dislike a man who has the guts to tell the lying leftist media to go to hell. Freedom of the Press has morphed into Freedom to LIE, Freedom to Invent Lies and Freedom to assassinate the character and decency of anyone who dares disagrees with their b.s.

      • Your a dope.That AHOLE Obama devided this country and was running it into the ground.Thank god President Trump defeated crooked Hilary.The Dems are in disarray!!!

      • no word in any dictionary to call you, so i will tell you YOU ARE A IDIOT, sorry idiot i have insulted you

    • So are you in your great intellect saying they should trust what the barmaid says?

  • Why is that uneducated b…. still in office. She needs to go back where she came from. SHE’S NOT AN AMERICAN

  • All one needs to realize is that Socialism has NEVER been successful. In fact, Socialism has decimated every Country that has implemented it. Quickly turns into a Dictatorship in which the masses starve and are shut off from being able to survive.
    When The Govt, any govt, runs EVERYTHING, the people have nothing. END OF STORY!

  • AOC would be a great states person for Cuba. No difference between Communism and socialism“Free Health, Free education, Free internet, Free Facebook, etc. Free, Free, Free…… $25.00 a month for average person, whether you work or not. `why did all the good people leave Cuba? Jimmy

    • People are watching the crumbling of socialism in Venezuela and they see what it has done to a once very rich country. These morons like AOC, Omar and Talib want to do it to the United States. We’d better send these three packing and get them out of our Congress. No socialism forever in the United States – we didn’t have it before and we won’t have it now or ever.

    • Ocasio spent most of her college years up at Boston University not in the classroom and not at the bar but on her knees and she wasn’t praying If catch my drift!’

      • THE “BARMAID” GRADUATED magna cum laude/ head of her class at a prestigious Ivy League college. don’t believe fake news. she’s brilliant.

        • Her lack of intelligence in relation to what she supposedly studied in college is an extremely poor reflection on the school she graduated from. Btw, William, Boston University is not an Ivy League school. It is a party school in Boston.

        • Had to grade on a real steep curve, she’s a brainless troll. Perfect fit for the dumorat party.

        • Reading BOOKS and listening to “some” Professors who teach in THEORY, NOT REALITY, DOESN’T do ANYTHING for the HARD-working people who are the TAXPAYERS and are LIVING in the REAL world because of having to COUGH-UP the MONEY for these THEORISTS “DREAMS” of NON-reality = a PERFECT world……There ISN’T such thing……HELLO…????

        • She sure doesn’t sound smart when she speaks. She also does not sound like she understands basic economics.

        • William, don’t get offended, but I am telling you that going to school after the years of 80’s & 90’s, does not tell you that every body can be a very good student 👩‍🎓, which he/She learned perfectly and understood everything they learned. If she got wherever title or diploma, is not necessarily she has become an intelligent person, specially when she, Bernie, Hilary, Obama, Michelle, Bill and others talk, speak or else, saying a lot of stupidities, none sense without of strong basis, and solid principles of being truly American, constitutionalists with strong foundations on ideologies mixing with intelligence and howling a high IQ.
          Bernie, AOC, Obama, Pelosi, Warner and others are a great disappointment on everything they are saying.
          We need in fact a Younger, with strong good ideas to do the best of this Nation as business men, professionals, or simple persons with great and strong mind and heart ❤️ to make America Great Again. Not traitors, socialist, racist, discriminators or else, we need a pure heart and love for the country. Not a great Bullshit and bullshiters.

      • I believe that non of the dimocrats would even make it through the first round of questioning. They get way too frantic and scared and they have too much of a past.

    • Why ask people in Cuba and Venezuela? Ask American citizens who came to the USA from the former USSR and so-called countries of Eastern Europe.

    • Bernie is the one who says do this and turns around and does completely the opposite. BERNIE SEEMS TO HAVE LOST A FEW MARBLES. HE WANTS TO DESTROY AMERICA BY TAKING AWAY PROGRAMS AMERICA WANTS. I DO NOT WANT SOCIALIZED MEDICINE. I DO NOT WANT TO GIVE UP 70,80 90 % OF THE MONEY I earn to people who I don’t know. I do not want a Socialist country. I do not want some inside the phone talking to me about the positiveness of Socialism. I want my own insurance. I am happy with what I have. Every country that turned to Socialism, can be seen as a disgrace for the people dying in these Socialist countries. Doesn’t work. Bernie needs to softly go into the night.

  • I like the comment about the mouse brain,but maybe that is giving too much credit to the Democrats and insulting the mouse.

  • The socialists have never done anything in their lives to improve our way of life. All they look for is handouts. The President with his promises is scarring the Byjesus out of all the swamp rats. Our President will be reelected in a landslide ! !

  • Hope the Ocasio-Cortez Generation and the Somalis who gave us Ilhan Omar and rashida tlaib all get socialism……
    I’ll be dead by the time it fully kicks in and they deserve to have what they crave for.

  • My liberal friends refuse to discuss politics with me because they have no answers based on facts to simple questions. They refuse to read anything not related to a video game and consider themselves too smart to read or listen to an opposing position.
    Please read “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder” by Dr. Savage. Thank you Dr.

  • AOC Bernie, can you two go “oink – oink?”

    Go crawl back into the hole you crawled out of you freaking morons.

  • America will not get better than now (Trump did and does EVERYTHING HUMANLY POSSIBLE to get us out of this demonCRAP rot), until we GET RID OF the ‘pelosi, schumer,harris, obama, clinton….ALL THE AMERICAN GARBAGE, and charge them, with the crime of TREASON, wanting to sell out our contry, for their stupid vote, which they can put, where the sun don’t shine!!

    • I hope to hell that graham will do something with Obama , Comey , muller , Pelosi, and all these weird Democrat’s. God be with us if trump is not our president again for four more years. I am so sick of these people calling each retard and etc.. they need to get a life and let trump with the help of God make this country again. God bless trump.

  • If you have not had to make a payroll like the majority of democratics in Congress you don’t have a fricken clue. Nothing more has to be said.

  • I do not see anybody that would vote Democratic. They keep saying “The American People” want to see the two year wasted report. Look, I am “The American People” and I have not bneen contacted by anybody fo9r my thoughts. Every time the democrats want something they pull “The American People” bull shyit and I am sick of it. All they want is to get something on Trump. What “Thje American People” want is to end this bull shit and get on with what they are bei9ng paid for, take care of business… Ask “The amricxan People”

  • Warren also thinks the rich, like himself and Bernie, should be paying more taxes? To which I say, send it in to the US Treasury, they will take whatever you think you should be paying. Bernie is one the biggest hypocrites ever, driving around in his fancy cars and flying all over in jets. Of course with liberals, it is “do as I say, not as I do” so just be aware of that.

  • Will “conservatives” EVER be able to distinguish the differences between communism, socialism and Democratic socialism. Doesn’t look that way. Sad. Buffet says the US wont be socialist because NOBODY is proposing that…

  • Whether you are a capitalist or socialist depends a lot on what rung of the economic ladder you are on and whether you are satisfied with that rung and your predisposed effort in climbing the ladder. Frankly, I am on a different rung than Warren but have no desire to climb down. AOC was obviously on the lower rungs and used politics as a way to climb higher. Here is a hoping she returns to barkeeping after the next election.

  • Medicare for ALL is socialized medicine.Because of the long wait to be
    seen, the patient’s ailment that was not so bad in the beginning may
    become WORST when the patient was seen.. Medicare pays only 80%
    of a very low allowed fee, the patient has to have a Medigap that will
    pickup the remaining 20%. Doctors will not be reasonably compensated for their services. I strongly believe doctors will start doing another job or start quitting. No doctors, hospitals will start closing , besides to pay for this Medicare coverage the government
    have to increase tax, so there’s REALLY NO FREEBIES, what Crazy Bernie
    Is telling people is big blatant LIES. Let Crazy Bernie get Medicare for his
    Insurance, at his age let’s see what will happen if he gets sick. All those
    DEMO-RATs who are peddling Medicare for all are LIARS. A doctor friend
    whose mother -law lives in UK, had to bring his mother-law to the US to
    have hip surgery for her becoming serious hip problems.

    • Don’t worry, Amelia, Bernie will be able to pay for his care ‘out of his stash’, which he really has. He just wants everyone else to wait in line. Remember the Democrat motto: “do as I say, not as I do”.

  • Bernie, AOC and all the rest of those pathetic Liberal A$$ holes just need to go lay down some place. All they are doing is wasting oxygen. They like Socialism so much, GO TO SOUTH AMERICA AND HAVE FUN. I’M SURE THEY WOULD BE WELCOME DOWN THERE. EVERYONE UP HERE IS TIRED OF HEARING ABOUT THEIR STUPID B. S.

  • Bernie should put his money where his mouth is. If he is so gung ho on taking all of our money, let him 1st give away all of his to show us how it is done. Then we can decide if we agree to it or not!

  • All you democrats running for President right now may as well give it up – none of you will win the next election. You are all wasting your time and someone elses money. These congresswomen AOC, Omar and Tlaib you three in particular need to go – your ideas are horrible and not for the good of this country. They also need a term limit for all the old geezers called politicians. They all got very rich somehow and mostly do nothing year after year after year if you get my drift. NO SOCIALISM for this country and NO one for President who thinks this is what we want. AOC, Omar and Tlaib – you open your mouths and nothing comes out but garbage.

  • Look how the Democrats used up almost 3 years on Donald Trump!!!

    Anyone with an ounce of sense know the Democrats set this up. George Soro’s is behind everything.
    He wants to bring the U.S. government down so he can even be richer than he is now.
    Look behind the curtain!!! I can’t believe the Americans would even allow the comment of Socialism on the stage.
    Every one is complaisant in letting these idiots even bring up that idea!

    We cannot allow the Democrats even near the power of the presidency it must be Trump 2020 or life in the USA will go down hill and we will have a civil war on our hands.
    I am 73 years old a Veteran from 65 thru 71 and being raised to respect my elders and loving family and country I can’t believe what values people have now a days.
    It’s a me me society and all the millennial’s want everything and not have to earn it. Please tell your friends to vote the Democrats out of power they have all lost touch with reality it’s all about power for them and to line their pockets.

  • The chickens have come home to roost.
    The West educated their people’s then dumbed them down.
    So now confusion reigns.
    It’s a very good time to convert to Christianity.
    (Before it’s too late man)

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