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Cory Booker Jealous Of WHITE Trans Women

Cory Booker Jealous Of WHITE Trans Women

He hates how “good” they have it…

Sen. Cory Booker is speaking up for trans women — especially trans women of color.

The 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful from New Jersey appeared to be hopping mad about the issue Wednesday.

The story of 23-year-old Muhlaysia Booker (no known relation to the senator) is especially brutal. About a month ago, a mob attacked her in a Dallas apartment complex. They reportedly beat her, kicked her, stomped on her head and shouted homophobic slurs at her. Over the weekend, she was shot to death in East Texas.

Booker’s Facebook page describes her as an “entertainer” at Dallas Cabaret, a strip club with two locations.

This isn’t the first time Booker, the candidate, has put transgender people on his presidential agenda. Back in March, he said that “Trump’s ban on transgender Americans serving in the military is insulting and deeply un-American. The next president should immediately end this ridiculous policy—if elected, I plan to do so.”

In 2017, the senator spoke out about the issue on his website and also managed to get in a dig at President Trump in the process.

“The thousands of transgender Americans serving in our military are heroes – just as all of our service members are – who risk their lives to keep us safe,” he said in a statement. “Forbidding these brave Americans to serve our country flies in the face of the values the United States was built upon. It also undermines our national security and makes our military forces weaker. Our military should be recruiting the best and brightest, regardless of gender identity.”

Booker slashed Trump for his lack of military service.

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“This decision is particularly galling coming from a President who actively avoided military service through five draft deferments and believes that the word ‘sacrifice’ means trying to make money,” he said. “Mr. President, trans military members have sacrificed far more than you ever have – or will.”

Booker, 50, has degrees from Stanford and Yale. He, too, has never served in the military.

But he did once shovel a senior citizen’s snowy driveway.

He also reportedly saved a woman from a house fire.

And he allegedly rescued a freezing dog.

Src: The Daily Caller

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    • YOU don’t have to worry about it —because YOU are not going to be the next President of the United States! You and your ideas are way out in left field!

  • Cory Booker is a disgrace to every American who believes in the American dream. He slams President Trump for not serving in the military, while he, himself did not serve. He tried to disgrace and demean Judge Kavanaugh, because he had the “floor” and the Judge had to take the insults and lies thrown at him. Booker will not get far in his bid for the Presidency and if his constituents have any sense at all, will vote him out of office once given the chance.

  • Don’t believe anything this clown says. The only thing he cares about is Corey Booker and his sad laughable career.


  • Cory Booker is a bum, a leach And a big mouth trouble-maker. Significant as a sun-dried dog turd. Get him gone!

  • Really Corey? A 14 year old girl was brutally murdered in Prince Georges County MD this week by an MS 13 gang member who was an illegal immigrant. The same individual was convicted of attempted murder at an earlier time. ICE warned PG county about him but, because, of Santuary policy rules the PG police did not cooperate with ICE. This girl’s life would not have been lost if it wasn’t for Santuary rules for illegals.

  • Yeah complaining and criticizing the administration of banning transgender in U.S. military. I do not think LGBT’s fight real soldiers.

  • THE ONLY reason he shoveled snow as because the city of Newark were he was the mayor of the time had not plowed the streets. I worked in Newark. He never made it better only worse.

  • Booker is no smarter then the rest of the Dimwits. They sensationalize everything with no real plans to fix anything. He talks about the 1,000’s of Transgenders serving in the military? At their peak, as per a 2016 Rand finding there was about 2400, or less then .2 (point 2) percent. That’s roughly the same in general population. The left will say anything and everything to get elected. Fortunately, they can only convince their hardcore minions.

  • What is wrong with these people we got kids in high school that are smarter than these people

  • Corey Booker thinks America is looking for a really angry, really unreasonable black man to be their President and he will NEVER be elected to that job.

  • Just another total liar who is the New style Democrat Fascist jerk like all the new style Democrats are. And to think I used to be a Democrat but they could not, will never brain wash me to their new style Fascist thinking!

  • Just another fascist Democrat Liar, and I use to be a Democrat . Tese new Democrats are re-incarnation of Nazi’s.

  • Cory Booker is nothing but a joke too the people ,, he doesn’t have a clue too the real world ,, he’ll be a flop running for president ,and the people that vote for him ,are nothing but idiotic morons …

  • Cory Booker is so much like Dallas County,TX District attorney that it is probably jealous of John Lindh the ex-Taliban jihadist.

  • Just a simple note of a simple fact: “transgenders” do NOT exist. You have only two genders and they CANNOT be changed. All you wind up with are mentally ill mutilated women and mentally ill mutilated men. NOTHING else is possible!

  • This guy Booker thinks its OK to do anything different.I beg to differ.Different sometimes Hurts those who have found happiness in main stream.Especially Christians.We believe in Our Original Teachings.The Bible.Trans-people are Not part of The Future.Once again people going with the flow.No Thought just Fun.Guys like Booker should Not be allowed in Government.

  • This man is a anti-American traitor and corrupt clown. I wish him all the worst that life has to offer.

  • Under his watch as Newark mayor,558,000 disappeared from NWCDC pension fund thru L. Brashear {she is doing 8.5 years] but Cory DOES NOT KNOW anything about that. He did not reside in Newark, But did have a Newark address. Good thing he is HONEST but not a veteran either!

  • little Cory you have a lot of balls trying to dump the Trump. What branch of the service did you serve in? Your just a overpriced whore master. Take a hike ass hole.

  • little Cory you have a lot of balls trying to dump the Trump. What branch of the service did you serve in? Your just a overpriced whore master. Take a hike ass hole.

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