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Meteorologist EXPOSES Ocasio-Cortez’s STUPIDITY

Meteorologist EXPOSES Ocasio-Cortez’s STUPIDITY

We simply cannot believe that she is an American politician…

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., took to social media on Thursday during a tornado warning in Washington, D.C., and swiftly tried to connect it to climate change — prompting one meteorologist to call her out for not knowing “the difference between weather and climate.”

The freshman congresswoman began by sharing a video on Instagram briefly showing the conditions outside, as heavy rains drenched the region and prompted a brief, and rare, tornado warning inside the Beltway.

“There’s people stuck outside. We need to get them out,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “This is crazy.”

The Green New Deal advocate then shared a story published by PBS in March questioning if climate change makes tornadoes worse and put emphasis on a quote from the piece that read, “Rather than lie squarely in the Great Plains, America’s tornadoes appear to be sliding into the Midwest and Southeast.”

The tornado warning followed a devastating tornado in Missouri’s capital of Jefferson City the night before.

“Tornadoes are challenging to link to climate change links due to their nature (geographically, limited, acute patterns, how they form, etc.),” Ocasio-Cortez told her followers as she reviewed the article. “But we DO know that tornadoes HAVE been changing. They are no longer being limited to the Great Plains, and are shifting to other regions of the country.”

“The climate crisis is real y’all … guess we’re at casual tornadoes in growing regions of the country,” she later wrote on Instagram.

Meteorologist Ryan Maue, though, argued that she was confusing climate change with “weather” in the capital region.

“The Congresswoman @AOC does not know the difference between weather and climate,” wrote Maue. “Let’s try an easy analogy: Weather is what outfit you wear heading out the door. Climate is your closet wardrobe.”

Src: Fox News

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  • A watch means that conditions are favorable for a particular condition. A warning means that a particular condition has been confirmed. She is a real piece of work.

    • AOC doesn’t have a clue what she’s doing. Her position is too overwhelming for her to handle. In fact, she became so famous and well known for her speech rhetoric etiquette, She has an attitude, that she’s the best. This is all due to her age and not understanding what’s truly going on in government. Hopefully, this will be her first and only run and she won’t be voted in 2020.

    • She is a burnt out light bulb and has less brain and common sense than one. I live in New England and have seen tornados both just south of Boston and on Cape Cod. They happen every where when the conditions are right. Also climate change is a joke. This kind of change has been happening since the world began.

      • Good one NavVet…if one bothers to go back into the history of the earth, this little blue ball heats up, then cools down (ice age) at regular intervals. Check the Geological studies. There is no such thing as climate change, it is the natural process of good old planet earth doing it’s thing. Something we all have no control over whatever. People squealing about it all live in refrigerated homes and have become unable to live in the normal world.

    • A light bulb in the dark !. This piece of work doesn’t need light she just shouts her bad English so loud and fast that she is “Omnipresent”. I suppose she thinks that is better to be remembered for her stupidity than not be remembered at all. How about a real RE count of votes that put her there! a recount that throws out all the dead people, all the non U S Citizens, all the Convicts all the cross district, county, state or precinct voters” No vote should be counted for anyone voting more than once and criminal charges should be brought, including conspiracy charges against any helpers, transporters, A light bulb in the dark !. This piece of work doesn’t need light she just shouts her bad English so loud and fast that she is “Omnipresent”. I suppose she thinks that is better to be remembered for her stupidity than not be remembered at all. How about a real RE count of votes that put her there! a recount that throws out all the dead people, all the non U S Citizens, all the Convicts all the cross district, county, state or precinct voters” No vote should be counted for anyone voting more than once and criminal charges should be brought, including conspiracy charges against any helpers, transporters, funders or even suggester that they vote illegally.

  • Let’s take a pause here and consider who are the people that elected her? I’d say the “Stupid Award” goes to the people of NYC for putting her in office!

  • I think it’s time for an AOC change her climate is changing around her house her ignorance is exposed someone needs to tell her her stupidity is obvious and she should step aside and let somebody with a brain cell go to work for this country

      • But she can make a KILLER MARGARITA! Just kidding, I’m not sure if can make one! Oh wait! She wants to ban Cauliflower now….it’s racist! Just think, even if she’s out, she’ll collect $ 175.000 a year…REGARDLESS. ONLY IN AMERICA!

  • I hate to have to show how much of a liar she is but I was in NYC, delivering jet engines from a company in Maine to a transfer company located just off of JFK, and on the return trip my truck was nearly taken out by a tornado that hit the city. The date was August 8, 2007 and it left a mess on the highway I was traveling. But, tornado strikes in NY are really not uncommon and the second link will show locations across the state that have been struck by a tornado. The third link will take you to the write-up that speaks of the most recent tornado strike.

    So, AOC, you are blowing smoke trying to some strength behind the need for your “New Green Deal” when in fact, you have just shown AGAIN how ignorant you really are.

  • It seems that Mini AOC will have PLENTY of NEW material to select from . . .a Smorgasbord of stupidity to chose from! AOC, you’re the gift that “keeps on giving” to the Conservative Right AND Republicans. Maybe we need to make sure that AOC KEEPS getting elected – That way, Conservatives are SURE to get elected.

  • The whole Democratic Party needs to be in the insane asllasilum before they hurt themselves or someone else. I believe they should be Impeached

    • What is an “asllasilum”???? should be spelled anusasilum!!!!!!!! that is were they belong-in their ANUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I have to admit I don’t understand why this Dumbocrat/Socialist AOC insists on constantly demonstrating her “IGNORANCE” !!! On any thoughts on that?

  • This woman is a national embarrasment. I truly can’t believe she was elected to Congress. It is sad that a college educated person can be this stupid !!

  • AOC is so basically STUPID, I think we need a new word to try to describe that she is so beyond stupid. How did this complete moron get elected? Does she live in a cemetary so that all of her votes were cast by dead people? She is aggressive and NASTY, but those are just her more charming attributes. The cosmic, almost infinite stupidity, she consistently exposes on every subject she can pronounce (?) is in the area of comedy. The amazing result is that Nancy Pelosi is scared shitless and witless by this moron. Has everyone noticed the growing list of ignorant Democratic candidates who are sucking up to her? What is wrong with those dim-wits? Is there a plague of non compos mentis that has been exposed as a result of the incestuous inbreeding among the Dems? If I were a Democrat I’d be embarrassed beyond words. But as a Conservative who backs Trump 100%, I’m very pleasantly surprised the Dems are such a bunch of complete LOSERS. The list seems endless of those who can’t seem to simply shut up rather than expose and confirm their cranial vacuum. And the media….they make the Dems seem smart by comparison. What complete fools, idiots, buffoonic MORONS! AMAZING!!!

    • hey Thomas, latest thing I read, some newspaper in NYC wants to run AOC for mayor of the city…..God forbid!! What a disaster that would be AOC mayor of NYC

  • With some of the morons being elected to Congress, you see the results of the dumbing down of our society.

  • Tornadoes are formed when a cold air mass and a warm air mass collide. It is normal this time of the year. It has nothing to do with climate. Besides you can’t change climate. You can’t even change the weather.

  • Ms Ocasio-Cortez once again displays her pathetic ignorance for all to hear, had they but ears willing to listen. Tornadoes have NEVER been “confined to the Midwest”– not only have they occurred in all 50 states– including Alaska– this has always been the case. Moreover, they occur on almost every continent on the globe, with the understandable exception of Antarctica. But they happen from Norway to Argentina, Canada to New Zealand, South Africa to Siberia. True, the Midwest has one of the highest rates of occurrence (as does the interior Deep South, which with the Midwest is known as “Tornado Alley”). But this is typical of Ms Ocasio-Cortez, blurting out as fact something about which she knows nothing (and often the briefest internet search would disprove)– it is an expression not only of her ignorance, but of her arrogance and stubbornness as well. Almost every other word out of her mouth is either a misconception or flat out lie. The arrogance shows in her obvious belief that she is always correct, and her never taking the 45 seconds to verify what she is purporting to be fact. It boggles the mind and beggars belief to wonder how someone like this was ever elected to our legislature– her constituents must be much like she is herself, in never checking up on the veracity of the things their candidates say. Shameful and, for America, deeply embarrassing.

  • AOC’s tells us what a NYC education is worth….she exibits extreme ignorance every time she speaks. Feel sorry for her.

  • OK people, start supporting her and giving her the benefit of the doubt. STOP calling her names, instead extend kindness, compassion, and love.
    I have the feeling that she could become a great politician someday, because she really wants to serve people. Do unto others!!!

  • It seems to me that this site is making a tempest in a teapot. Yes, climate and weather are two separate things. But weather influences climate continuously. All that rain in the DC area and the Midwest is indeed weather. But climate change has warmed the oceans significantly, resulting in more evaporation of water.
    What goes up, comes down, and in comes down in increased amount of rainy weather.
    So, stop politicizing AOC. She is a smart cookie and deserves a bit of respect.

  • Everytime she open her toxic mouth is just a Joke! She is really a POS that knows nothing about anything. AOC I think I take a drink make me a wetter drink with no ice.

  • Some good advice for AOC: “It’s better to remain silent and thought stupid than to speak up and remove all doubt.”

  • She is dangerous by her ignorance. We have had tornadoes in the Midwest since before I was born. These are not knew

  • If somebody was stuck outside as she says, wouldn’t the objective be to get them in and not get them out? People call her an idiot but she is no way close to being that smart.

  • AOC is not a politician, she is nothing more than a muslim puppet, controlled by her muslim puppeteers.

  • Obomma, Obiden, Obernie, Occasional, Omar, and O’Rourke are jokes/jerks….and NO, I will not support America’s enemies !

  • Love thyne enemies.
    Only then do you get a handle on what to do about them.
    God may be with them.
    Only love will tell..

  • It only takes watching her one time to realize that there is no depth to this woman’s mind. I am surprised she is allowed by her party to pontificate on various topics. The girl needs to sit under a true statesman of which there are none in the Democrat party that come to mind. She really needs a mentor.

  • The stupidity of this woman goes beyond comprehension. AOC has proven over and over again that her mental capacity is basically Nil and her brain capacity is “0”. She is definitely going to need a lot of help in her future, then again I suppose that whatever she decides to do once she leaves Congress probably won’t require much of a brain.

  • AOC is among the growing list of dangerous liberals who possess that worst possible attribute:
    They don’t know what they don’t know.,

  • I remember Trump also doing this when he pointed out at some point that is was unseasonably cold outside in Washington D.C. Many people on both sides of the climate debate do the same thing some even do it when they know it is wrong.

    However the idea that tornadoes are expanding the geographic range where they occur frequently is not weather it is climate related.

  • This is what you get when you elect an idiot whose only job previously was a bartender/waitress! Not that all such are of so low an IQ, but this one is really scrapping the bottom of the barrel! Hopefully; she is the last of her line!

  • WEATHER Is What We Experience Every Moment of Every Day of the Year Mostly Due to Where The EARTH is in It’s Orbit or Seasons…
    CLIMATE is Weather Patterns over Decades With the Atmosphere and Hydrosphere and Cryosphere ( Ice ) and Biosphere ( Living Things ) and Lithosphere…
    CLIMATE CHANGE is New Weather Changes Mostly in the Atmosphere Due to Reaction to Addition of More or Other Molecules Such as Methane or CO2 or Freon and CFCs
    GLOBOL WARMING Is the Result, Over Time, Due to CLIMATE CHANGES…


  • Someone needs to write a new Country music song for AOC.
    ” Were You Born This Stupid ? Or Did You Work At It Your Whole Life ?”

  • She is all that you all have said and DUMB LIKE A FOX. What is she doing that we don’t see or hear about? Danger Will Robinson…
    On another note how about cutting all of congresses pay until they actually produce some viable work ( legislation) . Take that money and put it towards the WALL might just buy another mile or ten. Thin that would upset Palosy???
    Just my .02

  • “It’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt”

    That ship has sailed a long time ago for AOC

  • Every time she opens her large mouth she helps conservatives. You just do not go from bar tender to a political expert overnight. She may be capable of learning but not with her mouth open spewing garbage.

  • That MAGA wasss Funny!!You know,I Really Despise the dems an left like Mad max,nancy,obummer, DON LEMON ecttttt…….And i Really get pissed off and my posts show it.But aoc is Soo, idk,Beyond stupid,More like just a Silly little girl that Couldnt get on a high school debate team(And shes in freakin CONGRESS!!???)I actually Cant even get Mad at her, shes So Goofy,Shes a Real Life Parody 😉 I Have to smile when i hear her.She kinda looks like a vampire,But,I DO think she*s cute as s…,Just sayin;D Semper Fi

  • Bill, you must be one of ‘those’ who voted her in!!!! If she’s smart she sure knows how to hide it VERY well!!!!

  • Anybody who has ever paid attention has heard of tornado’s in parts of California and Montana and just about everywhere else in the country. Although infrequent, they do happen in places other than tornado alley. Wake up lady and learn something.

  • She is popular in Congress…the men want to get into her pants and the women need her to show how smart they are compared to AOC. Her election has nothing to do with the USA as long as she can get on TV for any reason she embodies the desire of the Muslim movement to gain power by any means.

  • I cannot believe the people from her district can not find someone brighter that AOC. If I was partially responsible for losing 25-30,000 jobs in my district as well as 27 BILLION dollars lost I would run and hide. I hear no comments other than a simple sadness from the Mayor. I also recall a few words from Cuomo.
    There must be someone better that will challenge her a year from now. Please!

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