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Fox News THROWS Trump Under The Bus

Fox News THROWS Trump Under The Bus

For them to have stooped so low is a complete disgrace to this great country…

Fox News resident anti-President Donald Trump talking heads Judge Andrew Napolitano and Bret Baier are on the attack again.

The two spoke after Special Counsel Robert Mueller gave a statement on Wednesday in which he explained there was no collusion.

“This was not – as the president says time and time again – no collusion, no obstruction. It was much more nuanced than that,” Baier said.

“He said specifically they couldn’t find evidence to move forward with the crime of collusion for the investigation of the Trump campaign.

“He said specifically if they had found that the president did not commit a crime on obstruction, they would have said that, and then went into specific details about the DOJ policy and why they couldn’t move forward with anything else than their decision.”

“It was not anywhere as clear-cut as Attorney General Bill Barr. In fact, it was almost exactly the opposite: not clear-cut.,” he said.

Apparently Baier is unfamiliar with the American principle of innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

If American citizens charged with a crime had to rely on a prosecutor to find them innocent then there would not be anyone found innocent.

Napolitano said that for the Democrats Mueller’s speech “opens the door for the Democrats the pounce” on impeachment.

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He said that Muelle’s message was “We had evidence that he [Trump] committed a crime, but we couldn’t charge him because he’s the President of the United States.”

“This statement is 180 degrees from the 4-page statement Bill Barr issued at the time he first saw the report,” he said.

Napolitano said that Mueller’s speech was a “parting shot” because “he didn’t say there was no conspiracy, he just said we were not able to establish it beyond a reasonable doubt.”

In other words he did what every prosecutor in the United States is supposed to do. If you could prove a crime prove it, otherwise there is no crime.

Src: The Federalist Papers

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  • And this surprises who…? But of course Fox news is going whole hog socialist, the wife of the two sons running Fox are full blown Hillary supporters and it reflects in the content of Fox news programing…period!

    • we are at a time now that devides the good Americans and the Anti-Americans. Like a tree standing by the troubling waters we shall not be moved! TRUMP 100%. Tall and strong!

      • Amen; Our President Trump and Fox News are the only places we need to be for Truth and the American way; the Dumbocrat/Socialists (Not Patriotic Democrats) are only full of -hit and NO Patriotism !!!

    • A great shame for conservative news that Fox is going more and more left we need to find us a better news outlet they let our President down with there comments about the Mueller statement and they have other statements on a lot of there hosts that just do not agree with we republicans

  • President Trump has my full 100% support; however, an investigation of Mueller should begin today! Mueller is the most manipulating SOB of the law and is known for that. I read where innocent people are in prison due to his tactics while he was an AG. Barr shouldn’t let Mueller get by with what he just did, otherwise, he would be giving Mueller and all Congress a pass for lawlessness. That has got to STOP! And Fox News, you should be ashamed for letting Napolitano and Baier throw President Trump under the bus, who in hell are they to point fingers, Baier sucks, I never watch his liberal chatter, and Napolitano has a grudge with Trump for not selecting him for SCOTUS. Fox, are you turning liberal? I hope not, that means you will lose many, many viewers!

    • Right on Arbie you nailed it! Napolitano has a huge grudge because he begged for SCOTUS and President Trump declined. Fox if not careful will
      go the way of CNN…………

      • BOTH Baier and Napolitano are the token “libs” on Fox. Used to watch the latter’s comments BEFORE but now, I treat him as a commercial break and to go to the bathroom whenever he’s on….. As far as Baier, I DON’T tune in to his show… Don’t know why he doesn’t move on to CNN or MSNBC!!!!!!!

    • I only watch Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Lou Dobbs on Fox. Otherwise I watch Newsmax. Wayne Alan Root is great. So is Howie Carr and Joe Paggs. Also One American News (OANN) is great too. I like Liz Wheeler and Grahm Ledger. Fox has gone libtard.

  • Mueller had nothing couldn’t prove nothing so he handed back the investigation to congress only way he could to get a new investigation soak the taxpayers for more money again ! We the people voted for President Trump & Vice President Pence to hold that office by way of the electoral college & not Russia !



  • This two assholes should go work for CNN. They eat shit. Fuck them and Fox News for broadcasting them.

  • Go ahead FOX destroy yourself I don’t watch anymore and you guys USED to be on all day at my home.
    Not snymore and that’s for a year I am sure there are many, many more!

  • They point out the truth in that Mueller lied and then confounded that lie with more . I did not lime how the pointed this out but they were partially right in that Meuller tried to appease the DemoCommunist Pigs rather then deliver the whole truth. So in a nut shell they have pointed out the lie of Robert Mueller but at the same time they gave the Evil DemoCommunist more ammunition by not completely defining the shame of the Mueller team of Anti Trumpist, pro DemoCommunist liars.

  • At present, I only watch Fox news because I feel it is unbiased reporting. I am highly insulted by those who criticise Trump without valid reasons, If this doesn’t stop immediately, I am surely going to stop viewing you as well. I am sick to death of listening to young commentators still wet behind to ears expounding on their opinion of current affairs. State the news as it is without your cut at it added in. You continue on this path and I will terminate my viewing Fox as well. Show some respect for crying out loud.

  • Just a thought but perhaps worth perusing?
    It seemed very convenient that Mr. Mueller decided to come before so many people on national/ international television since he is not fond of being in the public eye and at just such a convenient time. Hummmm, that doesn’t seem right?! Nadler and his gang of thugs wanted Mueller to appear before them privately but that would mean the conservatives would also have their opportunity to pose questions. This, of course, would not work out well for Jerry so why not get him to just do as he did yesterday . . . let him give his incriminating speech sans any questions in the form of a TV press release. That would certainly set the president up for impeachment, right? Mueller must be brought before congress for questioning! What makes him better than the 500 people he grilled for countless hours? If the House Judiciary won’t do it the senate absolutely MUST!

  • Thank God Donald Trump won the Presidency.It would have been fatal for our country had it been Hillary. Don’t like Trump’s style? Tough. He’s not a politician and doesn’t use a filter when he speaks. In other words, he’s straightforward and tells it like it is. America is now in much better shape than we were headed under Obama, ripping up the U.S. Constitution, our liberties and what we believe in. Globalism and Communism are not right for our country and never will be right for those of us who love freedom.

    Let the East Coast “elite” and the West Coast crazies move elsewhere if they hate our country.

  • What happened to this country? All respect for the
    President and his office is now gone because ??? The country is doing great!!
    Because??? The Queen didn’t get her throne??? Get over it! Enough already! Let Our President continue to run this nation! Great Job!

  • These liberals aren’t worth listening to. I believe in our Constitution and laws. I despise traitors. Mueller betrayed the American people by breaking the law. He found nothing against Trump but he showed he was NOT A TRUE LAWYER OR THAT HE WAS FOR THE COMMUNIST DEMOCRATS BY HIS REMARKS. NO PROSECUTER SAYS THAT A MAN IS GUILTY WITHOUT EVIDENCE WHICH HE NEVER FOUND. MUELLER BELONGS TO BE PUNISHED AS A TRAITOR TO AMERICA.

  • Baier doesn’t know that you are innocent until proven guilty because of some information the Democratic Party has on him. Simply get the names of the people whose file were taken from NSA by the Obama Administration and you will see his name, Napolitano’s name, Robert’s name and on and on. GET that information!

  • Right on Arbie you nailed it! Napolitano has a huge grudge because he begged for SCOTUS and President Trump declined. Fox if not careful will
    go the way of CNN…………

  • It is refreshing when Fox News , a propaganda wing of the Republican party does not act in lock step with republicans. I’m proud of you Faux News

  • Right on Arbie you nailed it! Napolitano has a huge grudge because he begged for SCOTUS and President Trump declined. Fox if not careful will
    go the way of CNN…………I get my news from European and English newspapers……stopped TV watching months ago and saved a bundle doing so.

  • I suspect Ryan was cheering them on as well.It’s a strange thing to watch successful businesses purposely offend at least half of their customer base,but it seems to be the popular thing to do nowadays.

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