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Ilhan Omar ATTACKS NRA, Doesn’t Expect THIS

Ilhan Omar ATTACKS NRA, Doesn’t Expect THIS

She didn’t even see it coming…

National Rifle Association (NRA) spokeswoman Dana Loesch ripped Rep. Ilhan Omar after she blamed the gun rights group for the deaths inside a Virginia Beach municipal building on Friday.

The embattled Minnesota Democrat took a swipe at the NRA just hours after a disgruntled city employee went on a shooting spree that left 12 people dead and four more injured.

“I am outraged and heartbroken,” she wrote in a tweet. “How much longer will we ignore the pain of our communities? We need to immediately confront the power of the NRA and end the epidemic of gun violence in this country.”

DeWayne Craddock, the suspected shooter, died in a gunfight with police officers. He was a veteran employee of the Public Utilities Department who made multiple legal firearm purchases, including for a handgun and rifle, in recent weeks, the Wall Street Journal reported.

A police officer was also wounded, but was saved by his bullet-proof vest. The police didn’t reveal the motive for the shooting.

Omar’s comment about the NRA prompted the group’s spokeswoman to question how it was related.

“This was a heinous tragedy,” Loesch wrote in a tweet. “Your remarks move me to ask: What do 5 million members of the NRA have to do with this man’s crime? Was this man a card-carrying member? His purchases were legal, whose fault is that? Does he bear any blame at all? Serious questions.”

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The Minnesota Democrat has long been opposed to the NRA, often decrying the supposed influence of the group on the gun control debate in the country.

After the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, Omar went to Twitter to decry the NRA as “the true enemy.”

“Prayers and condolences won’t keep our kids safe, sensible #GunLaws will. It’s time for you and Republicans to put the safety of Americans first and seek freedom from the NRA,” she wrote. “They are the true enemy!”

Src: Fox News

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  • Maybe she should concern herself with her own district. You know, the one where Somali teenagers are attacking whites, & anyone who looks as if they have money, with hammers & bars. How about banning Somalis?


    • It would be too much work to achieve what you mentioned. Like most democrats, they would rather attack the NRA and Republicans and blather on.

    • Tell this Bush Byotch to Go Back to Mother Africa from whence she Sprung! what the Fook is a Somali doing in our congress??

    • Agreed General and we should also not allow those who “swear the oath
      of office” on the Koran to be a part of the U.S. Government as it the opposite of the laws of this country.

    • She would like our guns confiscated so her buddies the, Muslim Brotherhood, could come out of hiding and do their own carnage against non -Islamic people. She is so Anti-American and Un-American I would like to see her expelled from Congress asap for paying her with taxpayer money is out…..ugh.

    • It’s muslims like Omar who are ignorant and come from countries who did not allow their citizens to protect themselves, therefore, they were repressed and oppressed and murdered. Decent peaceful muslims don’t deserve to be represented by an activist like her to is involved with the Muslim Brotherhood organization which is soon to be listed as a Terrorist group finally.

  • bet those being fired upon would have loved to been armed to protect themselves

    and remember the adage when you are dire need of emergency, police with guns are minutes away, if not longer. A gun in your belt is there immediately.

    And tell me again how brave these crazy gunmen are when someone returns fire. Easy to go into a gun free zone and be evil incarnate

  • Since when has Omar cared about American citizens? If she did she would get out of this country.

    • Who exactly guarded her & her family when her father was an ambassitor (or whatever)……………and what did they use to protect them? I’m sure it wasn’t bows & arrows. And weren’t they protected from the horrible savages in Somolia by ‘gun toting’ individuals? Bet you would find a gun or two in her father’s mansion!! Such an evil hypocrite!!

    • Right on Ronald. Omar has turned against the US, the very country which gave her refugee. I wonder what her life would be like if we had denied her asylum and she had to stay in Somalia!! Bet the first time she opened her mouth against the rulers of that sh*thole African country she would have been killed!!

  • Once again an ignorant Democrat is talk as an authority on a subject she doesn’t know a damn thing about. She should do this country a favor and go back to where she came from.

    • No, we should do OURSELVES a favor and ship her back to Somalia, or whatever pigsty she comes from, at the soonest opportunity. We have enough trouble with our own radicals without importing more from prehistoric mud countries!

  • It’s always the obvious and only answer to a mealy-mouth, know nothing, free loading, anti-constitution, anti-white, anti-semite hater… “People kill people not guns!”

  • I gave up a piece of my life and some body parts defending The United States of America. I didn’t do it for some left wing ding bat who only knows how to run her mouth. She has all of the sincerity of a prostitutes kiss!

    • Joe Feeney….I gave up part of myself defending our great country as well and just knowing that this anti American Somali Muslim gutter trash is in a government political position in the United States cuts my heart out. The same comment applies to that other one, Rashida Tlaib, and that Cortez dip shit as well. All of that anti American filth must be removed at any cost.

  • When is this dumb#&% term up? I hope the electors realize what
    kind of IDIOT they elected and rectify the situation, Send her back
    to Africa where she belongs

  • What do you think the odds are that his loony nut was a democrat? Almost all of the mass shootings have been done by loony democrats. If democrats were not able to have guns then there might not have ever been any mass shootings in this country!


  • The TRUE ENEMY are bleeding heart liberals seeking simple solutions for complex problems based on purely secular, materialistic logic. First – IF we had parents doing their job and raising their children with a moral foundation, that wpjoul;d be a great start ! Second – there are 340,000,00 in America ( + an unknown number of ILLEGALS ) and if only 1% are unbalanced that equates to nearly 1/2 million on the “line”. This guy seems to have had a beef with his job but why did he do it ? Movies, TV, entertainers endorsing violence while the make those movies and TV who preach peace ? Guns STILL don’t kill people – people with guns do who lack the morals and influenced by liberals
    who whine for them making them heros. There was a recent mass
    murder in Japan with a knife – England is requiring people to round off
    the tips of their kitchen knives to stop stabbings. Where do you stop making simple solution without assigning responsibility to those that do these things ? RESPONSIBILITY is what is lacking encouraged by people making excuses for these criminals ! Plus most of these people
    making these liberal pleas already have bodyguards and live in gated communities. They are not facing what the average person faces anyway. So they can talk bold and be “Perfect”

  • My take of these muslims in our government is they are highly paid Soros puppets that are working from scripts he writes for them. They should be removed from congress and be delivered to his residence along with a note saying enough is enough.

    • Oh do I know from whence Soros came. He is evil incarnate. He should be
      deported for the same reasons as JAKIW PALIJ ..LYING ON HIS U.S. CITIZENSHIP
      Application as to Nazi affiliations…..which Soros boasted about on 60 Minutes for all to see. I captured it for posterity.
      He is, however, a HUGE donor to Hillary Clinton for whatever that is worth.

  • does this “muslim” woman have bodyguards protecting her with “firearms”? this woman needs to worry about her own “somali” terrorists killing people with whatever they can find before she tells rest of US how to protect ourselves & our families! people pay attention! this woman is DANGEROUS! her mission is to tear down America & turn it over to muslims! she shouldn’t be holding any kind of Congressional office. she HATES AMERICA & EVERYTHING IT STANDS FOR! why did her parents bring her to America? she needs to be stripped of her citizenship instead of telling Americans what they can & can’t do! God bless America & God bless NRA!

  • Omar is the enemy within! She is currently under investigation for campaign fund fraud, immigration fraud, voter fraud, marriage fraud to her brother, etc etc. and for her relationships to Muslim terrorists and terror organizations should also be investigated, i.e. Farrakhan, CAIR, and others.
    Her day in court is coming – and karma will not be kind! You cannot believe anything she says! Omar, Tlaib, Ocasio, and Amash should all be removed from congress and tried for treason!! Keep America safe from these traitors!
    The very sad tradegy in Virginia Beach is felt by every true American and mourned . Omar is not fit to be considered American!
    God bless America! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • I do not understand how so many people vote for trash like them. include killery. people wake up you destroy AMERICA.

  • does this woman have bodyguards with “firearms”? I guess she’s special! when a person wants to harm another person they don’t have to have firearm! what about those “somalies” that attacked & killed people with hatches & knives a few days ago?
    this Somali woman needs to be stripped of her American citizenship & sent back to her homeland! she hates America & American way of life! she doesn’t has a mindset to hold office in United States Congress. she has no love for America or Americans!
    she’s a MUSLIM & her allegiance is to Allah! LORD HELP US PLEASE LORD JESUS! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  • I agree they need to go back. no go zones in Michigan, musslem training camps across the county with guns . schools teaching children to kill none belivers, in penn. state . who is worse . time people to wake up they will stared if u are seeinf things like what is happing in Dearborn , mich. and whats happing in minni. and what the somali are doing its time good people to wake up.

  • We have the 2nd Amendment so we can protect ourselves against morons like this and other shooters and Especially against ENEMIES of the State BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC and you miss bitch mooseslime are an ENEMIE of FOREIGN decent and a DOMESTIC TERRORIST SUPPORTER, if not a terrorist herself. So now you can STFU before you bite off more than you can chew.

  • Omar is a Somalian with Somalian values. Yes, she was elected to public office by the Somalian refugees in her district who also are Muslim and hold Somalian values. This is the way our system works. We invite refugees in, encourage them to keep their original values and ignore our values. They readily avoid assimilation and continue to hate us as all their friends and relatives in their homeland.

  • Yeah Omar can’t cast any stones, she’s always chastising the Israelites, and she like to see them dead, she’d also like to see the conservatives in this country dead but first off the promoter evil agenda of sharia law where they could rape women and murder of the songs and dance in this country, she wants us to storm so we can’t defend her self like the people in Europe who’s getting overwhelmed by the Muslim gangs and brotherhoods. I asked a Filipino woman wants where is th yeah Omar can’t cast any stones, she’s always chastising the Israelites, and she like to see them dead, she’d also like to see the conservatives in this country dead but first off the promoter evil agenda of sharia law where they could rape women and murder the sons and dad‘s in this country, she wants us to storm so we can’t defend ourselves like the people in Europe who’s getting overwhelmed by the Muslim gangs and brotherhood‘s. I asked a Filipino woman once where is the worst place you could live in the Philippines, as I have not been there for 40 years, what you said was she give me the island name I didn’t recognize it because I was on Luzon, and she said the island name and she says the reason being is because there’s Muslims over there and they are very high into crime. You bet the left wants us to storm they want is very bad as they have been trying since Roosevelt to disarm us because that is about when or before they became the communist party in the communist party like mob rule does not want anybody to be able to rise up against them and this is what it’s all about not your safety in mine,They could care less about our safety it’s about them those who are trying to disarm us to enslave us just like they did the American Indian. The Democrat party took the guns away from the American Indian, then they murdered many of the American windo they could care less about our safety it’s about them those who are trying to disarm us to enslave us just like they did the American Indian. The Democrat party took the guns away from the American Indian, then they murdered many of the American Indians, then the rest they put on reservations and stole their land. They want to collapse our economy now she is our bank accounts and sees our 401(k)s are always in a course of humanism, which is nothing but a damn lie as usual. All I say is what the founding father said and they know how many years if you give up your guns for safety sake you will lose both in the end! God bless America

  • Omar is a moron who needs to go. Her countrymen are killing people on a daily basis and blowing things up but she has the nerve to blame the NRA for what this one guy did.

  • Omar is one stupid ass Muslim bitch. She has shit for brains. She should be deported to Somalia where her sorry ass came from. Shit like her is why Muslims really suck.

  • Yeah she want’s Americans disarmed so her muslim brotherhood has less resistance when they start raping our woman and terrorizing this country like they’re doing in the UK and Europe. Which if the democrats take control will blame it on the white populations bigotry and racism toward Islamic people as they do in the UK and Europe. For comparison to the problem in the UK and Europe the democrats and there propaganda machine the media and Hollywood are protecting the illegal aliens crimes and blight against the citizenry, constitution and country here. So do any of you really think they will be any different with the Muslims! think not it’s all about multiculturalism and Globalism there main goal.

  • Ignorance is what ignorant Dems love
    She’s hateful and thinks she’s perfect
    Incest runs in her family
    That’s extremely Gross

  • So we have a refugee from Syria who came here to escape the mess they made of their own country and she thinks she should criticize the relative safety of the USA. Maybe she should go back to Syria. Wasn’t that a Muslim terrorist training camp they found on her district a few months ago.

    Further if she really wanted to save problems she would talk about limits on management powers and laws to force companies to pay huge compensation packages to employees who can demonstrate/ prove hostage and unfair work environments

  • if you know anything about history you have to know that the only people in the history of earth that lived in freedom were armed people. you have to disarm people to install slavery. History 101

  • This girl takes every tragedy in the world that represents her hatred for
    America, gun rights, white Americans, any respectable American republican politician that represents the opposite of her “selective
    morals and fake outrage” to use as her “SELECTIVE MORAL HIGH GROUND” to perpetuate the hatred, race baiting, and division created
    by this sick barbaric self-serving ideological she wants dominating America. She wants to damage America and create the tone of superiority she believes is her right, and will use anybody’s life, or human tragedy to push her hatred and paint the picture she needs to
    for her gain, against the country that took her in and gave her a chance at a peaceful life! But she prefers the third world hate and violence and will do anything to recreate her chosen environment
    of hate and division! She doesn’t deserve nor does she want what
    America has to offer, only to destroy it!

  • Omar is not concerned overt he victims. The just wants all of our guns taken away. The needs to be deported and have her citizenship revoked.

  • She needs to be removed from Congress and her and other Muslims in America sent back to the hole they came from…. before we become like UK and France with the Muslim problems they have which is destroying their once beautiful bcountries

  • Loesch will probably never get direct answers to her questions, if she gets any response at all. Leftists like Omar love to couch their assaults on our freedoms as ‘sensible’ and call for ‘national conversations’. But when you try to engage them they either run for cover or call you names.

  • Islamist queer’an and sharia teach that their jihadi/soldiers must do terrorism against infidels and that they are not subject to the laws of any Western land. Anything even slightly resembling “jihad” makes hyena islamists glow radioactive green with indignation.

  • it’s past time too kick this POS out of congress ,and Minnesota ,and send her packing back too her homeland of Somalia or where ever she came from .. stop supporting this anti-semetic ,anti-American piece of garbage ….PERIOD…

  • Muslims are the true enemy. Killing innocent people by the dozens on a daily basis. Crucifying, burning and beheading Christians becasue of their Religion. What does this piece of human garbage have to say about that? Oh yea, disarm America so we can infiltrate and take over, becasue we don’t value life as long as we lie, cheat, steal, deceive infidels and kill ourselves in the name of that vile ‘god’ we so adore.

  • It sounds like Omar only wants to get rid of all guns in the USA so the USA will be an easier take down when jihad makes their move on the USA…

  • Omar is an idiot. She hates the NRA because it is supported by millions
    of Americans. The liberals want total control of the people and while they
    have guns to protect themselves, it will be very difficult.


  • The fact this Radical Muslim Twit made it to Congress calls into question the mental state of the people that voted for her. It seems there were several certifiable libertards sent to Congress in this last batch of Democrat Moonbats.

  • I gave up a piece of my life and some body parts defending America in the Naval Amphibious Forces. I also belong to the NRA. Now some foreign ding bat is bad mouthing the NRA. Other than shoot off her tripe filled mouth, what has she ever done for America?

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