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They are going to tear each other apart before one of them even gets to debating Trump…

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) over the weekend said he fears that if Democrats nominate former Vice President Joe Biden in 2020, President Donald Trump will defeat him like he did Hillary Clinton in 2016 because voters will not be excited about Biden and his candidacy.

Cenk Uygur of “The Young Turks” program asked Sanders if Democrats are on the verge of “making the same mistake that it did in picking Hillary Clinton, who lost to Donald Trump.”

“I fear that it could be, I really do. I fear that you would have a campaign without a lot of energy and excitement,” Sanders replied, according to a Sunday RealClearPolitics transcript. “Could Joe beat Trump? Yeah, I think he could. I’m not saying he can’t. But I think we don’t want to make the same mistake that we made last time. And sometimes this is where the establishment talks to itself.”

Sanders also took issue with the establishment’s conventional wisdom that Biden is the Democrat best positioned to win the Rust Belt states, arguing that Biden’s past support for NAFTA, bad trade deals with China, and the Iraq War will turn off a lot of voters in the Midwest who voted for Trump because they liked his economic nationalism and America-first foreign policy.

“And why do I think we can do a good job in defeating Trump? Because in the issues that Trump beat Hillary Clinton on–trade, you go to the Midwest and say, ‘I voted for NAFTA, I voted for permanent normalized trade relations with China.’ Which is what Joe Biden did, you think that’s going to resonate terribly well in the Midwest? I don’t think it will. I lead the opposition against those disastrous trade agreements,” Sanders said. “You think going around the country and telling people, ‘I voted for the war in Iraq,’ which is what joe did. Think that’s going to resonate well with people? I don’t think so. It was probably the worst foreign policy blunder in the modern history of this country. I led the opposition to the war in Iraq. For those reasons, nationally and especially in the battleground states, we are the campaign that could rally young people, working people, people of color, to win this election.”

Sanders then called out Democrats for ignoring the needs of working-class Americans, saying the party needs to understand that getting rid of Trump will not rid the forces that got someone like Trump elected in the first place.

“What was that? It is because for too long the Democratic establishment has ignored the needs of working people all over this country. People work longer hours for lower wages—40 million people living in poverty. The only major country not to guarantee health care to all people as a right,” Sanders continued. “A vigorous effort to combat climate change, dealing with criminal justice reform, immigration reform. Those are issues that are not only the major issues facing this country, income and wealth inequality — how do you not talk about that? We have got to talk about that because it is the right thing to do and it is the way you win an election.”

Biden, who is far from where the energy is on the left in today’s party and has not drawn big and enthusiastic crowds at his campaign events, has taken a commanding lead in nearly every state and national poll because Democrats think he is their best candidate against Trump.

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While kicking off his campaign in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Biden previewed what may become his best and go-to argument as the campaign season heats up, saying that Democrats will have no chance of getting any progressive policies enacted if they first do not beat Trump.

“The first, most important plank in my climate proposal is, beat Trump. Beat Trump, beat Trump,” Biden said.

Democrats on the left who support candidates like Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) argue that Biden is not “woke” enough on a variety of economic and racial justice issues to inspire voters on the left to not only vote for him but to volunteer their time to convince others to do so. Biden’s backers, on the other hand, have been making the case to primary voters that Trump the president will be the best organizing tool for Democrats in 2020.

Src: Breitbart

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  • They both are useless. The only choice is to VOTE RED. Blue will leave us dead and destroyed. Democrats only want POWER and MONEY. EVIL EVIL EVIL

  • Both Biden and Sanders have shit for brains. Two liberal punk assholes. Neither one can touch Trump in an election. The fucking Dems are going to lose 2020 big time.

  • ….and they’d be making a mistake if they chose your tired old azz….You’re a millionaire and talking about how bad others with money are…you’re a socialist do nothing.

    • The families for both of these dinosaurs need to contact Visiting Angels. Not disrespecting the Visiting Angels organization as they do a wonderful job of caring for the elderly that can’t take care of themselves.

  • Crazy Bernie is a Communist – that tells me everything I need to know about what he would do to this country.

  • Fun to see the Dems tear at each other, they deserve that and more, Sanders and Biden are not the old hard line and they never were, they were rejects in the old days and they got more weak assed with age! Just look at them, one looks like he’s dieting, the other a left over hippie from the 60s. So you want a hands on geeky guy like a Bill Clinton, or a communist socialist that just loves Cuba, Russia, Venezuela dictator! Dem party ought to be real proud!
    Then on the swing side , younger, inexperienced, socialists, sleep your way to the top, lie about ethnicity for financial benefit, several flat out racists, love killing fetis’s and heartbeat babies, trillions in new taxes, give away tax payer money on paper and no way to pay for it, no wall and wanting to pay billions in benefits to non- Americans, won’t get off their asses and do anything positive for America, kill farting cows, let criminal prisoners vote even if they killed your family, let aliens drive and vote that haven’t contributed a dime, support ilkegal sanctuary cities where human shit just keeps getting deeper.dont care about all the diseases coming in to our country, like socialism and communist ideas, like Govt ran Health Care for all, ( a dammed disaster in Canada) cost trillions and no way to pay for it!
    Trump has more sense in his little finger that all the liberal assholes put together. Anyone that doesn’t support normal MAGA must be sucking for air theirselves! Vote Republican in 2920 and get your friends and family on board, This is not just Trumps fight , it’s America’s fight for survival! The last 20 of my family voting members just got on board with Reps, now we are 100 strong and recruiting more Rep voters every day. Pressure you representatives to do the right thing for America and screw party lines, the pressing issues in America are bi- partisan and if politicians can’t focus on that send the worthless pricks home in 2020.

    • Man can’t solve man’s problems without God.
      Platts will tell you that.
      Praying for God’s guidance is HUGE in Christianity.
      The lost are in our sights; can you please see the light: Satan wants to kill you, he is the lying destroyer whom you cannot trust. Just like a communist. But then off course they’re with him.
      Chinese warships have just moored in Sydney Harbour Australia, unannounced, looking for a safe harbour when our Prime Minister SCOMO (Scott Morrison) is overseas for D. Day celebrations.
      Calculated to be that way.
      Don’t trust the communists.
      My Ukrainian born father warned me all my life.
      The Lord rebuke them.

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