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She should resign as House Speaker after this…

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told senior Democrats on Tuesday that she ultimately wants to see President Trump “in prison,” according to a report.

The speaker reportedly made the remark while defending her stance against impeaching the president in an evening meeting with House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler and other top Democrats, according to Politico.

“I don’t want to see him impeached, I want to see him in prison,” she said, according to multiple Democratic sources familiar with the meeting. House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings, Ways and Means Chairman Richard Neal and Foreign Affairs Chairman Eliot Engel also reportedly attended the meeting.

Pelosi wants to hold the president accountable, the sources said, but thinks voters should get him out of office in 2020, after which he could possibly face criminal charges.

Nadler and dozens of Democrats have been pressing Pelosi to hold impeachment hearings, but the speaker reportedly believes there should be public and bipartisan support to launch the process, according to Politico.

Pelosi has previously said the president’s actions “are villainous to the Constitution of the United States.”

A Pelosi spokesperson told the New York Post the lawmakers “had a productive meeting about the state of play with the Mueller report. They agreed to keep all options on the table and continue to move forward with an aggressive hearing and legislative strategy, as early as next week, to address the president’s corruption and abuses of power uncovered in the report.”

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The spokesperson did not directly address whether Pelosi made the remark about Trump that was attributed to her.

The House will hold hearings next week “focused on the alleged crimes and other misconduct laid out in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report.”

Src: Fox News

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      • I agree. Pelosi should be in jail for TREASON. She and her idiot dems are the ones not upholding the constitution of the United States. They are complete morons. Remember, the synonym for dems is COLLECTIVE STUPID

    • I GUESS NANCY PELOSI does not need to have an American Proven Guilty
      of any crime! She can just put you in prison at her command!

      Crazy Old Lady! What is the crime and is he innocent until proven guilty
      or is that just for DEMIs????
      Some one out an old dirty rag in her Pie-Hole!!!!

  • That old bitch Pelosi should be in a home for those with mental problems. Along with slit more democrats who have no care for the American taxpayer their only objective is to get trump no matter what or how much it costs taxpayers

  • This despicable woman has no place in a functioning government body. She and her fellow “resisters” are the people who should be impeached and removed from office. They are a stain on American politics.

    • There is nothing female or feminine about “IT” because “IT”
      is inhumane and dehumanized EVIL. Like cars need oil changes,
      “IT” needs embalming fluid changes. The body rot stench is

  • Nancy will be wearing an orange jumpsuit long before him. As a matter of fact she will have a lot of democrats to keep her company. They all have skeletons in the closet.

  • As things currently stand, and with the growing number of defections from the Democrat party to the Republican/independent parties, there is little chance that our President Trump will lose in the 2020 election. Rather, I foresee a landslide of immense proportions, unprecedented by previous elections.
    The road being walked by the current Democratic leadership is a precipitous one full of dead end promises and nonfinanceable programs pandering to an illegal constabulary. They offer nothing redeemable, and have doomed themselves with a burdensome, unsustainable bureaucracy.

  • I wish someone would list all these impeccable things the President has suppose to have done.That would be -0- nada,nothing so Ms.Piglosi go sit in the corner and shut up.Please or go fly back to Calif. and stay there.You and your band of misfits should be shown out of D.C.

  • It is a shame for our President to be constantly assaulted by the Democrats.
    If they are so bent on “Justice” then need to look no further than their own Party and the actions and activities of Obama, Clinton and that group. They are still in process of doing harm to this Nation and it’s People. Investigate them .
    As for Pelosi and President Trump….she should put on the table exactly what her charges are against him and let We The People see them. Her current process of accusation, insinuation and other forms of damning him with no substance is simply unacceptable and he deserves far more respect than the Democrats seem willing to show him.

    • Gene Smith, I totally agree with you but no one will listen – we have to get rid of Schumer, Pelosi and her fellow “resisters” they are the people who should be impeached, locked up for treason and removed from office. They are a stain on American politics and Country..

  • Pelosi said she wanted to see Mr. Trump in prison….that’s just amazing…for I feel that way about her. I’d love to see her in orsnge.

  • Pelosi and Schummer are two bed fellows . Don’t know which is male or female ! Both are anti America and are socialist Progressive Fools !

  • I would rather see her and many of the other deep state in prison,.

    She and others keep saying that he has committed all these crimes but non of them ever name any.. If they continue to say these things I believe that they are guilty of slander and should be charged. Asa far as she goes it was her that vetted Obama – the guy that can’t produce a real BC or SS number!

  • Pelosi is the old bitch that needs to be in jail. Trump is a great President and has done a lot for our country and she can’t stand it. Lock the ole witch up.

  • The one thing us Americans HAVE to do . Is stop the lobbyist from corrupting our elected official. You can’t work for the lobbyist and for the good of the country . Just how many would run for a elected office knowing they could no longer fill their pockets with the lobbyist pay offs. This is how they are getting rich Chamber of Commerce or should I say Chamber of Communist , Americans for Prosperity , Or should it be American slavery , Since they are all for open borders which means cheap labor. Good news They will die the same as you and me and none of them will be able to take all their riches with them . Difference is I hope their is a special place in hell for all those who are trying to destroy the American people and its country.

    • It’s not the Lobbyists they work for. There are those who have dirt on most all of the Democrats and as long as they follow the path as it is outlined for them, they will be safe. The Powers That Be, the Illuminati, the Cabal, the Globalists and the UN they are all in this together. They are the ones trying to destroy America. They are the ones spraying our skies and us with heavy metals, smart dust and nano bots, biologicals and AI fibers, hoping to ultimately turn us into controllable transhumans.
      They are the ones who have been slow killing us in almost every way imaginable. They must be taken out. They have committed more Crimes Against Humanity than all the Dictators and Tyrants of the world put together. They have had a cancer cure since 1963 while at the same time, they make it a crime for us or anyone else to try natural therapies and God Forbid if it cures us and we call it a cure.
      Nazi Pelosi is a drunk and a self-serving Biotch. Trump has so much dirt on her he could grow potatoes. She is guilty of so many Crimes, but still not as many as smelly pants Hillary. The entire Democrat party are guilty of some many things not the least of which is TREASON. By the time they are all held accountable for those crimes, the entire Democrat Party will be history.

  • SHE and her cohorts are the ones that should go to prison! She alone is a disgrace to the HOR. She knows what they will do to her in the Senate. She is a waste of oxygen!

  • Pelosi, be careful, your the one with the provable crimes, your as corrupt as they come! The mentality of the left equals a 7 year olds
    view of the world with no life experience, this degree of hate at their age is extremely juvenile and is displayed every time any of the Dums
    open their mouth about Trump which is their only focus! They know they cannot compete with any politician on any policies that has any validity or value to educated voters, they pretend to support!
    The juvenile mentality should be grounds for removal from government positions, but they will not be voted into office again once all the crimes committed against America and their own voters.

  • This Dumb Bitch wants to see Trump in Prison because he Loves his Country,but she was O K with Obama ,and Holders Fast ,and Furious GUN SALES…

  • Do you notice how all these leftists want Trump indicted and imprisoned, but not one can name a specific criminal event that could be taken seriously.

  • The Demoncrats were driving America into the toilet. The Demoncrats are still useless. President Donald Trump saved America! The Demoncrats can go to Hell. They are about as useful as tits on a tom cat!

  • America’s Whore speaker Pelosi, needs to have her crocked ass put in prison for treason., turning on the American people to protect Illegals, and aliens, if some removed that crocked whore, from this earth today, I pulpwood pop champing.

  • Pelosi belongs in a casket, not in congress, just look at her she could be the lead in the TV show the walking dead !

  • There is no way in the world President Trump or any Republican can work in good faith with these Democrats. They have turned their Party into the Democrat Socialist Bolshevik Party and among their members thrown aside the Bill of Rights and adopted the Kommunist Manifesto of Marx and Engels. Their entire focus is overthrowing a legally elected President under U.S. Law and destroying our history, traditions, traditional faiths of Christianity and Judaism, our moral base, and the family unit. They are the enemy within, no less usurpers, than the Bolsheviks of one hundred years ago who murdered the Russian Royal family in cold blood, threw their bodies down a mine shaft, took over the Russian Government and laid the groundwork for the Soviet Union. This is your 21st Century Democrat Party.

  • Pelosi and her entire party is the Communist party of today. She and her gang of criminals are the ones who need to be in prison. They constantly break our laws like a bunch of mafia members. Pelosi bribed her way into the leadership of the House but is no decent leader. She allows AOC, those Muslim ISIS women, the clown Booker, and other hate-filled idiots to run the party. She is DEFINITELY NOT A LEADER.

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