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NBC Reporter Gets SHOCK Of His LIFE At The White House

NBC Reporter Gets SHOCK Of His LIFE At The White House

This is quite ironic because of who it happened to…

A mouse caused journalists to scatter in the conference room of the White House on Tuesday after it dropped from the roof onto the lap of an NBC reporter. How ironic…

According to his Twitter, NBC News White House correspondent Peter Alexander was the unfortunate reporter who provided the mouse with a landing. The mouse started running around the NBC News booth after dropping on his lap.

In other news: A mouse literally fell out of the ceiling in our White House booth and landed on my lap.

— Peter Alexander (@PeterAlexander) October 1, 2019

Reporters started scrambling around the White House meeting room as the mouse left the booth and tried to evade capture, according to various reporters’ tweets that aided in the search. Eamon Javers, a CNBC correspondent, tweeted that there was a “chase underway.”

NBC White House producer Elyse Perlmutter-Gumbiner provided the mouse’s video, tweeting that it “literally fell” out of the roof, and Reuters special correspondent Steve Holland took a picture depicting individuals searching for the animal.

NEWS: A mouse literally fell out of the cieling at the White House onto @PeterAlexander’s lap.

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— Elyse PG (@elysepg) October 1, 2019

Mouse hunt in the White House press room

— Steve Holland (@steveholland1) October 1, 2019

It appears that the mouse has continued to evade capture, The Hill reported.

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  • I am surprised that The Hill actually reported something “factually,” maybe. Don’t trust anything they say so this may not be true either. “It appears that the mouse has continued to evade capture, The Hill reported.”

  • Better check the MOUSE for a collar or ‘FEED” . . . may be a democrat spy in our midst who got exposed (again). Watch out for THIS scandal from the Democrats. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (KEEP America Great Again).

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