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Trump DESTROYS Biden’s Presidential Hopes In One Sentence

Trump DESTROYS Biden’s Presidential Hopes In One Sentence

What does Biden have to say now?

President Donald Trump said that he never thought that former Vice President Joe Biden was going to win the Democrat nomination for president in 2020.

“Biden is not the brightest person, I never thought he was going to win,” Trump said, referring to the former vice president’s prior failed campaigns.

The president has experienced heightened criticism from the political establishment for asking China and Ukraine to investigate Biden’s son Hunter Biden for his lucrative financial dealings in those countries.

But Trump insisted that he was only interested in investigating the Bidens to root out corruption in government, not because of political reasons.

“This is about corruption, this is not about politics,” he said.

Trump spoke to reporters as he left the White House to visit Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to award purple heart medals to wounded American soldiers.

He defended his inquiry into Ukrainian dealings with the Bidens, citing “an obligation and a duty” as president to investigate corruption.

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“I can tell you, just as an observer, what I saw Biden do with his son, he is pillaging the countries and hurting us,” he said.

He reminded reporters that the Obama administration investigated him during the 2016 election for political reasons.

Trump repeatedly downplayed Biden’s chances of winning the Democrat primary for president.

“I didn’t think Biden was going to win. I guess everybody has a shot. But I don’t think he would be frankly my toughest opponent either,” he said. “And just to finish off, I don’t think that he will win.”

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