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Lindsey Graham SHOCKS America By Saying THIS About Trump

Lindsey Graham SHOCKS America By Saying THIS About Trump

What just happened here…

Lindsey Graham, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, praised Trump’s legal team member and former representative Trey Gowdy during an interview with Fox News Radio on Friday, but said that “it won’t matter if the president won’t listen to him.”

Graham said, “He’s a smart lawyer, but it won’t matter if the president won’t listen to him. Here’s the argument I would be making right now: What’s going on in the House, you’re shutting out Republicans in an impeachment process.”

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Graham later added, “Well, the president, in many ways, is his own best defender. In many ways, he’s his own worst enemy.”

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  • Just when I thought Lindsey Graham had changed and was actually supporting President Trump and all He is doing to make America great again, instead of knifing him in the back as he’s done in the past, Graham reverts to his old self. Typical corrupt anti-American career politician who has long forgotten that he was elected to serve and support the United States and the American people instead of himself and his own special interests, lobbyists and power.

  • Lindsey, you are a yo yo Senator, and seem to think your comments are to be accepted by everybody. You sir, are NOT THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, you are a lowly Senator, who cannot make up your mind as to supporting President Trump’s agenda. One day you’re for him, the next you aren’t – make up your mind, we the people didn’t vote for YOU, only Trump – got It? Pretty soon, nobody will listen to you, if you don’t agree with Trump that’s okay, but keep you mouth shut! Trump’s in charge, not YOU!!!

  • Don’t blame Lindsey for his attitude. First, I’ve been an ardent Trump fupporterr since 2012. I wanted him to run back then. I think he’s doing great things for the country and will continue to do so for another 5 years. The truth is that he opens his mouth at the wrong times and about the wrong, totally insignificant things. He insults people when there is no need too. He could have 65 to 75% of the public voting for him if he’s get some dignity and kept his mouth shut. IF you do’t agree with me, that’s fine, but you’re kidding yourselves if you don’t think calling out everybody that has grip against him is just stupid.

  • Howard, don’t be a Lindsey Graham – neither one of you have as much money in the bank as Trump does and it’s because he ALWAYS says the right thing
    at the right time! Neither you or Linsey are genius, but Trump is so, STHU and support him, what you two think doesn’t matter – got it?

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