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Trump Deals DEVASTATING Blow To THIS Hollywood Star

Trump Deals DEVASTATING Blow To THIS Hollywood Star

Here’s what he said…

President Donald Trump recalled his successful reality TV show, expressing sadness that the show died after actor Arnold Schwarzenegger took his spot.

“Fourteen seasons and when I left crazy Arnold took over,” Trump said, referring to Schwarzenegger’s short run on Celebrity Apprentice.

Trump reminisced about the show during a political rally in Mississippi.

Arnold Schwarzenegger replaced Trump in the show and delivered the line “you’re terminated” to replace Trump’s famous line “You’re fired” but it only lasted one season.

“It didn’t do too well, it was dead,” Trump said. “It was dead from the first episode, I saw him and I said ‘It’s terrible! What have they done to this beautiful show? Arnold!”

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“I’m not positioning myself to be critic of Trump, only when it’s obvious,” Schwarzenegger said. “That’s why you don’t hear from me for months, even if I don’t like what’s going on.”

Schwarzenegger even said that he hoped that Trump would see his new Terminator movie.

“I hope the whole White House goes and sees the movie,” he says. “Because we’ll sell more tickets this way.”

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