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Hollywood Actress Loses Her Mind, SLAMS Trump With INSANE Accusation

Hollywood Actress Loses Her Mind, SLAMS Trump With INSANE Accusation

She is completely off the rails now…

In an interview that aired late Wednesday night, actress and left-wing activist Jane Fonda told CNN’s Don Lemon that “whether through the elections or through impeachment,” President Donald Trump needed to be removed from office in the interests of the environment.

“He is an oil President. His Cabinet is an oil Cabinet,” Fonda said to the CNN Tonight host asked about her thoughts on the impeachment proceedings against President Trump. “He is bought off by fossil fuels. And a lot of people in the Senate, a lot of Republican candidates, are too.”

“We can’t solve the problem when we have elected officials who are paid by the fossil fuel industry,” Fonda continued. “And so the sooner that we move beyond him, the better, whether it’s through the elections or through impeachment or whatever.”

Earlier this year, the star of Netflix’s Grace and Frankie confirmed that she would be taking a break from acting and move to Washington, D.C. to combat climate change. Fonda protested and was detained along with several of her celebrity friends for four consecutive Fridays.

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“I’m trying to show on my ‘Fire Drill Fridays,’ this is the new normal,” the actor said to Lemon. “We have to be out there. We have to be risking arrest. We have to engage in civil disobedience because we have very little time and what has to happen is so huge.”

Endorsing the trillion dollar Green New Deal of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Jane Fonda compared the proposal with the kind of initiative that passed during the Great Depression. “Everyone will be lifted, and we have to fight for that,” she said of the proposal. “Which means we can’t elect anybody to office that isn’t really brave.”

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  • Eliminating the harmful side-effects of fossil fuels would be a very good thing. Unfortunately, the benefits of fossil fuels as a reasonably compact source of energy and a component of many other products outweighs the side-effects by far. The transition from fossil fuels to some other source of energy and these other products would be difficult IF there were such an alternate source close at hand. There is no such a substance.

  • Jane Fonda should be in jail for the thousands of lifes lost due to her Interference in the Vietnam war. Had she not been a treaso ist scumm the war would have ended sooner and far fewer people on both sides would have died. She jane fonda is a genocidal maniac

  • Absolutely. I always laugh when people talk about the evils of oil while using astic megaphones, wearing sunglasses and walking around in tennis shoes. There are alternatives they just will.not pay for them.

  • Some decades ago the State of Illinois passed a law that if you had been in jail more than (I think it was three) some may times you had to be sentenced to at least one year in prison. Now that Hanoi Jane has passed the magic number I hope the feds have a similar law. Ship her up river to serve a microscopic part of the time she should server for her treasonous acts and her accessory to murder reality. (I think the law was repealed ’cause all it did was sweep a bunch of prostitutes off the street for a year, over loading female prison space.)

  • I am so sick of reading about Hanoi Jane! She should have been in Prison all these years for committing Treason!. She is just trying to look important and get some attention, but the only kind she is getting is a reminder of how she caused many to be tortured and killed because of her ignorance!

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