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Fox News Host SNAPS, Goes On RIDICULOUS Anti-Trump Rant

Fox News Host SNAPS, Goes On RIDICULOUS Anti-Trump Rant

He just made a very big mistake.

According to the Daily Caller, Fox News host Chris Wallace lost his mind in a heated exchange with Katie Pavlich on air, telling the host to get her “facts straight” over comparisons between President Donald Trump’s impeachment and the Clinton impeachment.

“The fact is that the whistleblower information was given to the inspector general, who gave it to the Justice Department. The Justice Department decided not to investigate, and that is why it went to the House,” Wallace said.

He continued, “So to say that that in the Clinton investigation that these people were interviewed by the house, one, they weren’t, and to say it wasn’t done by the justice … it wasn’t done by the Justice Department, because the Justice Department refused to carry out the investigation. Get your facts straight!” You can read the full article here.

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  • This is the same chris Wallace that said criticizing the president was racism when obama was president. I guess chris Wallace is a racist! He made the rules I didn’t. I’m just following his rules.

    Oh wait the rules only apply when a Democrat is in the see hite! Well now chris Wallace is just a lying hypocritical ass. Pretty much like all liberal / democrats. You liberals are making this too easy. You need to start thinking a little bit sometimes.

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