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Mitch McConnell Discloses Dark Democratic Secret

Mitch McConnell Discloses Dark Democratic Secret

He will do everything he can to prevent this…

The Senate impeachment trial has been ongoing and we are finally starting to see the conclusion of it. The day after the President’s State of the Union address will be the day that he is “widely expected to be acquitted.”

So before that day, all the senators will be discussing the final outcome. Recently Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has come out and “accused House Democrats of engaging in exactly the sort of partisan politics predicted by Alexander Hamilton, who warned that a House majority could misuse impeachment as a weapon.”

He said that the Democrats “have wanted to remove Trump from office no matter what, from the moment he defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016.”

Democrats can’t get over the defeat and have been secretly plotting to have Trump impeached which is why we are having this disgusting impeachment trial. Right when they saw that Trump had won the presidency, they started to dig for anything that could incriminate him.

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