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Buttigieg ATTACKS Trump, Says THIS

Buttigieg ATTACKS Trump, Says THIS

He is delusional if he thinks that…

During a town hall in Nevada, presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg said that if President Trump refused to leave after he lost reelection, he could “do chores.” A voter had asked Buttigieg what his response would be if Trump said, “No, this is all a hoax” about him winning the election.

His response was, “I mean, if he won’t leave, I guess if he’s willing to do chores, I guess we could work something out.”

Buttigieg continued saying, “I think we want to set a goal of winning big enough that this election is way beyond cheating distance and that Trumpism goes into the history books, too. It’s gotta be a win so big that Senate Republicans are reunited with their consciousness, and only a political shockwave can do that, and that’s part of our focus.”

Why does Buttigieg even think he’s going to be elected? He’s probably projecting. When Trump wins reelection, Buttigieg will be the one saying that it’s a hoax.

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