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Democrats TERRIFIED After MSNBC Host’s Statement

Democrats TERRIFIED After MSNBC Host’s Statement

This will guarantee a Trump win…

MSNBC host Chris Matthews recently predicted “that electoral disaster will occur for Democrats if they nominate Democratic Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders as their presidential candidate.”

Matthews said that by letting Sanders become the nominee, “the Democrats risk losing 49 states to Trump as Sen. George McGovern did to then-President Richard Nixon in 1972.”

“I think this country will never go that direction and by the way we’ll lose 49 states and I was there in 1972 at the Democratic Convention when the people on the left were dancing in glee. I saw them, literally — they were dancing in a circle. So that could happen again. So clearly. That is what I see. It could happen again.”

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Regardless of what the Democrats do, this next election will be a landslide victory for Trump. Read the rest of the story here.

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