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2020 Democrat SILENCED By Protestors

2020 Democrat SILENCED By Protestors

Democrats are absolute hypocrites…

Pete Buttigieg is having a bit of trouble getting support from black supporters and the recent event with him joining in a protest did not help him. Buttigieg joined in a strike against McDonalds and during the strike, Black Lives Matter activists started chanting, “Pete can’t be our president, where was $15 in South Bend?”

What an embarrassment. Buttigieg is advocating for $15 for others, but is not willing to give $15 to his own people. This means that if he were to become president, he won’t do any of the things he said he was going to do in his campaign. He won’t even give his own people $15 minimum wage.

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Buttigieg is a phony and the people from his city deserve praise for telling America exactly who he is.

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