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Ted Cruz TEARS Into Democratic Justice, Leaves Her SPEECHLESS

Ted Cruz TEARS Into Democratic Justice, Leaves Her SPEECHLESS

He said the right words.

Ted Cruz went before Justice Sonia Sotomayor during her “dissent in a Trump immigration emergency case” and basically tore apart everything she said.

Sotomayor said:

… this Court is partly to blame for the breakdown in the appellate process. That is because the Court—in this case, the New York cases, and many others—has been all too quick to grant the Government’s … But make no mistake: Such a shift in the Court’s own behavior comes at a cost.

Cruz responded with:

I believe we have a handful of judges who I are operating effectively like members of the “Resistance” movement trying to put themselves in the way of Trump policies they happen to disagree with. And so I have to say, I read Justice Sotomayor’s complaint about “gosh, we’re getting all of these emergency appeals at the Supreme Court” – I read it a little bit like an arsonist complaining about the noise from the fire trucks. The reason there are so many emergency appeals is you’ve had 55 nationwide injunctions from far too many judges who aren’t honoring their oath, they’re not following the law. Instead they’re acting as partisan political activists.

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