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Warren Just Praised WHO?

Warren Just Praised WHO?

This is a turn of events…

2020 Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren stunned Americans recently by PRAISING President Trump over “his administration’s decision to ban many flavored e-cigarette products, which aimed to stop the rise in young people taking up smoking.”

CNN’s Don Lemon asked Warren, “Senator Warren, earlier this month, the Trump Administration policy that banned many flavored E-cigarettes went into effect. Does President Trump deserve some credit for that?”

She responded with, “Uh, actually, yes. The head of FDA who did this, I spoke to him many times and said I would support him if he did this. Look, when we see movement in the right direction we have to be willing to stand up and say ‘good.’ Because it is good.”

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Seems like Democrats are praising Trump more and more recently. What is in the water they are drinking, not that we are complaining. This will definitely help Trump’s campaign.

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