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Republican ENRAGES Liberals With Latest Statement

Republican ENRAGES Liberals With Latest Statement

They are furious over this.

According to Breitbart News, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy defended President Donald Trump’s economy stating Trump “continues to work for the American public.”

It just shows this president continues to work for the American public,” McCarthy advised. “Democrats are working against us. You will have a big decision in November. Do you want this economy to continue to move forward like 61% say they’re better off because of this president?”

McCarthy futher stated, “Or, you’ve got a Joe Biden who wants to raise your taxes — he promises to do that — take you backward in the other direction. That’s why I think this election is pretty much President Trump’s going to win.”

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He added, “This president has rebuilt the country stronger than we’ve been before. Unemployment the lowest level for women since the 1950s, Hispanics, African-Americans, everybody in America has been rising up. And I think people want to see that, and they want the next century to be ours — they want another four years of the president.” You can read the full article here.

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