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CNN Host SNAPS, Tells Trump To Do WHAT?

CNN Host SNAPS, Tells Trump To Do WHAT?

He better be ready for what comes next.

According to Breitbart News, CNN host Brian Stelter attacked President Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus telling him to “stay on the golf course.”

Stelter said, “Trump is doing things that undermine the response. He’s continuing to contradict health experts by saying anybody can get a test, which is not true right now. Not true. His behavior at the CDC on Friday spoke volumes about his mindset. He wore a campaign hat to the event. He asked about Fox’s ratings. He insulted the Democratic governor of Washington state and brought up the Ukraine scandal. Most of the news coverage of this visit downplayed just how strange it was. That is a problem. We have to describe reality as it actually is. Not shy away from the abhorrent responses we’re seeing from the commander in chief. Some of his aides are saying this is contained. That’s a lie. Thankfully there’s been fact checks on that point.”

He added, “What we need do is prioritize accurate information from experts over misinformation from politicians. Trump and the news media have a tendency to make everything about Trump. But this virus story is only a little bit about Trump. Should he be doing things differently? Yes. For example, the CDC says older Americans should limit travel, but he’s’s not amplifying that message. He should be. Right now. He can tweet about it right now.”

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Selter further stated, “The president should lead or else he should get out of the way. By all means, sir, please don’t go out of your way to make a bad situation worse. Lead or get out of the way. Don’t be an obstacle. Maybe just stay on the golf course. So, that’s the story about the president. But the press should point out when he is an obstacle and then move on. Don’t make it all about Trump. This story is too important for that.” You can read the full article here.

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  • I am sure stetler is an expert on pandemic response and likely could single handedly solve most problems in the world, but I keep getting told I am wrong.

    People tell me ccx stetler is full of crap and does not know the first thing about managing anything.

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