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Nikki Haley FINALLY Puts Her Foot Down

Nikki Haley FINALLY Puts Her Foot Down

She is standing by her decision…

The former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley has recently visited Georgia to support Kelly Loeffler. Haley stated, “And right off the bat, she put her marker down on what she wanted to fight for. But then she went and showed it through her actions. She supported President [Donald] Trump and voted to end the impeachment — and told Congress to get back to work.”

She continued saying, “She’s conservative, she understands American leadership, and she’s going to continue to fight for you.” Loeffler needed the momentum given to her by Haley because “she faces a challenge from Georgia GOP congressman Doug Collins, who is attempting to cast her as inefficiently conservative.”

Loeffler was appointed a seat by the Georgia governor, but still had to go through an election. Many people “hoped no Republicans in the state would mount a serious challenge against her,” but Doug Collins decided to enter the race against her.

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