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Tucker Carlson SLAMS Cities Doing THIS Because Of Outbreak

Tucker Carlson SLAMS Cities Doing THIS Because Of Outbreak

He makes a valid point.

Many cities have been letting criminals who have not done “violent” acts, walk free because of the coronavirus outbreak. Tucker Carlson did not like what the cities were doing and decided to say so on his show “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Carlson said, “In many cities, authorities are actually ordering police to stop protecting the public, to stop doing their jobs. In the city of Philadelphia, police have been ordered to avoid arrest, even for significant crimes: drug offenses and prostitution obviously are tolerated. But now burglary and car theft is getting a pass.”

He continued saying, “millions of teenagers [have] nothing to do … So how will they behave when they realize they can loot stores, steal cars, or trash public places without police responding to it? What do you think this is? You know what it is. It is a recipe for chaos, and people can feel it.”

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Carlson also mentioned that gun and ammunitions sales have gone up because people are uncertain of how the world is going to be with the coronavirus outbreak. Read the rest of the story here.

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