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Liberals EXPLODE, Accuse Trump Of THIS

Liberals EXPLODE, Accuse Trump Of THIS

This is just ridiculous…

Liberal media is quick in blaming Trump for things. A man died after ingesting a form of chloroquine after hearing about it being talked about by President Trump. However, before the full story came out, media outlets were blaming Trump for the death of the man.

A Reuters report said:

An Arizona man has died and his wife is in critical condition after they ingested chloroquine phosphate – an aquarium cleaning product similar to drugs that have been named by President Trump as potential treatments for coronavirus infection.

The couple, in their 60s, experienced immediate distress after swallowing the drug, an additive used at aquariums to clean fish tanks, according to Banner Health Hospital in Phoenix.

Chloroquine phosphate shares the same active ingredient as malaria drugs that President Trump has touted as possibly effective against COVID-19, the potentially life-threatening disease caused by the coronavirus.

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Many news outlets reported left out the fact that the man ingested a fish tank cleaner and reported that he ingested chloroquine. Trump has specifically said that chloroquine should only be used while medically-supervised and the specific drug was hydroxychloroquine, not chloroquine phosphate.

Liberal media will do their upmost in slandering Trump, and will hide all the real information so that they have control of their viewers. Read the full story here.

Image Credit: NBC News

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