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Kellyanne Conway BREAKS Silence, TRASHES Democrat

Kellyanne Conway BREAKS Silence, TRASHES Democrat

Here’s what she said.

According to The Daily Wire, White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway slammed New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio stating that he lied to Americans.

Conway said, “I do have to say because we’re all talking about New York as being the epicenter, that’s the New York metropolitan area at this point – many more cases and deaths than, say, the suburbs of New Jersey and Long Island and the like, and you had Mayor de Blasio on last night and just, he said – he lied to America. He said that he’s been on top of this from the beginning.”

She added, “On March 2, he said because “I’m encouraging New Yorkers to go on with their lives and get out on the town despite coronavirus,” and then he told everybody what show to go see. That was on March 2. On March 16th, he went to a gym. On March 5, he’s taking the subway, telling people – it’s totally irresponsible, and it is the epicenter now, and I think it shows you the contrast in leadership when you have feckless leaders, or you have a president who’s publicly-facing every single day giving people information engagement they need. That’s why the president is at 60% approval on the coronavirus.”

MacCallum pushed back on Conway’s contrast between the early response of Mayor de Blasio versus the early response of President Trump.

“I think that’s absolutely true, and I think that last night he demonstrated that he is not giving people a very positive message in terms of, you know, how he’s going to guide the city through all of this,” MacCallum said. “And I think that that … stood out, I think, to a lot of people last night in our discussion. But in terms of the things that you’re mentioning, you could probably match up some of those early-March statements from him with also similarly optimistic statements from President Trump, although they’ve handled it very differently since then.”

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