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Lindsey Graham Rips Nancy Pelosi A New One

Lindsey Graham Rips Nancy Pelosi A New One

She’s not coming back from this one.

According to Breitbart News, Sen. Lindsey Graham slammed “disgusting” Nancy Pelosi for her recent comments suggesting that President Donald Trump’s delay in the handling of the coronavirus pandemic caused deaths.

Graham said, “She’s blaming the president of the United States for people dying because of the way he has lead the country. That’s the most shameful, disgusting statement by any politician in modern history.”

He continued, “She’s the first politician to blame another politician for people dying. This is the same Speaker of the House who held up the bill in the Senate for days because she wanted same-day voting, she wanted carbon neutrality for the airlines, she wanted $75 million of the Endowment for the Humanities and $25 million for the Kennedy Center. She is the one that held up the package in the Senate for days to get the Green New Deal put in a recovery package, so it’s the most shape full disgusting thing I’ve heard yet, and it needs to stop.”

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He added, “We took most of the garbage out, but for her to blame this president for causing loss of life after she held up the relief package for days to get a liberal special interest shopping list in the bill is pretty disgusting.” You can watch a clip of Graham’s comments here.

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  • Pelosi will go down as the most corrupt POS Congress ever had to put up with and when you consider the miserable bunch of Democrat dung in office now that is really saying something! In fact, she will have a hard talking her way into Hell!.

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