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Democrats Become INSANE, Demand THIS

Democrats Become INSANE, Demand THIS

What has the world come to…

Recently, several House Democrats wrote a letter to AG Barr demanding that he “release as many prisoners as possible” because of the rapid spread of coronavirus.

Jerry Nadler and Karen Bass told Barr to release prisoners regardless of their crimes, basically saying that if a prisoner was in prison for murdering people, he would have a chance at being released.

The letter stated: “We call on you, in the most urgent of terms, to do the right thing and exercise [authority to modify sentences of prisoners who present ‘extraordinary and compelling reasons’] and immediately move to release medically-compromised, elderly, and pregnant prisoners in the custody of the [Bureau of Prisons]. In addition, we urge that you use every tool at your disposal to release as many prisoners as possible, to protect them from COVID-19.”

The Democrats seem to be taking advantage of the crisis and now they are even hoping to release criminals back into the street. They have gone too far.

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  • Become insane?? Democrats have been insane for a long time. Lets get real here!! They are a bunch of loser morons

  • Seems to me that they want to release these Criminals so that they may KILL off as many True Americans so that the Devil and the Democrats can take Over or Country. They are turning our Beautiful Country into a Third World Socialist Country. We really need to Stand Up to them and Push Forward with Prosecuting them for their Crimes against America! And those Citizens who are promoting this type of action by Voting for them should also be held Accountable for there Crimes , Since they Put them into Office. I Pray constantly that God hear the CRY’s of the True Americans and SAVE us all before it’s TO LATE!!!

  • An enclosed environment where they aren’t coming in contact with the great unwashed, but these morons want them released? Seems to me they are safer from the virus inside. Have to wonder just why they want them released?

  • It’s been a prerequisite for a long time that to run for office in the Democrat Party you be certifiably insane and a criminal. They don’t care how much wreckage and ruin they spread across this country, they suffer from the Lucifer Complex and would rather be tyrant rulers over a nation rife with anarchy, than serve in a popular capitalistic republic. As Lucifer once said better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven.

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