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White House Doctor SHUTS UP CNN’s Acosta

White House Doctor SHUTS UP CNN’s Acosta

Why can’t this happen all the time?

Looks like White House Doctor Anthony Fauci has had enough of CNN’s Jim Acosta’s slandering. In a recent press conference, Acosta suggested that the crisis was spreading rapidly because President Trump failed to act early enough.

Acosta asked whether the prediction of Americans dying from the virus would have been different if the administration had acted early. Fauci said, “Just to underscore what Dr. Birx was saying, if there was no virus in the background, there was nothing to mitigate. If there was virus there that we didn’t know about, then the answer to your question is probably yes. Now the only trouble with that is that whenever you come out and say something like that, it always becomes almost a sound bite that gets taken out of context, but I think that’s very important, what Dr. Birx has said, is that if there was covert infections here that we didn’t know about, and we didn’t mitigate them, that they would’ve made a difference. If there was virtually nothing there, then there’s nothing to mitigate. And I don’t know the answer to your question.”

Acosta decided to rebuttal and said, “But they were early. They started early. We were watching South Korea, excuse me, and China and Italy, and we weren’t taking action when those countries were spiking.”

He did not expect Fauci to return. Fauci replied, “In a perfect world, it would have been nice to know what was going on” in China. We didn’t, but I believe Jim, that we, we acted very, very early in that.”

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