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University’s RIDICULOUS Demand During Crisis

University’s RIDICULOUS Demand During Crisis

This is straight up idiotic…

Michigan State University has recently sent an email out to all its students on “acceptable” terminology when talking about the coronavirus. They have insisted that the virus be called “novel coronavirus” or “COVID-19” as well as persuading students to sign a pledge called, “Hate Has No Home Here.”

The email sent to all staff, faculty, and students stated that “novel coronavirus,” “SARS CoV-2,” and “COVID-19” were the only acceptable terms used to describe the virus originating from Wuhan, China.

“Use the correct term for the virus. No other¬†names are acceptable.”

The email also tries to encourage students to sign a pledge that reads:

I will work to make sure HATE HAS NO HOME HERE at MSU. I pledge to do my part in creating and sustaining a welcoming and inclusive environment at MSU. I pledge to not commit acts of hate. I pledge to be an active bystander and to prevent and address incidents of hate and bias.

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Michigan State are not the only universities to send out emails regarding the terminology of the virus. They seem to be refusing to state where the virus came from and want to cater towards the Chinese Communist Party.

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  • Cold day in Hell before ANY filthy university and their staff tell me what terminology I can use when referring to the WUHAN or CHINESE virus!!!! I’ll call it whatever I damn well please…it CAME FROM CHINA! They are a Godless, spineless government……only those from such a group would claim the release of this virus was an accident. This was a purposeful act by a government who not only does not care about its own people, but they could care less about the rest of the world. They cared so much about their own that they ran them over with military TANKS in Tiananmen Square in Beijing in 1989! I am so glad NONE of my kids attended MSU…….whatever they may believe, they aren’t the ONLY university in the country, and my hard-earned money would never go into an institution with such Third Reich policies!!! Their administration/staff can all go straight to hell as far as I’m concerned!!!

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