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Republican EXPOSES Democrats For Doing THIS

Republican EXPOSES Democrats For Doing THIS

It was about time the truth came out.

According to The Daily Wire, Sen. John Barrasso slammed Democrats for delaying the federal government’s ability to get Americans financial help during the coronavirus crisis.

“There are small businesses and paychecks needing to be gotten taken care of,” Barrasso said. “There are people who are still applying for these loans. I see it in Wyoming. It’s been very successful, $350 billion already spent. It’s helped 15 million Americans stay on the payroll.”

“The money — we had a vote Friday, and the Democrats blocked it. The money in that program is really paychecks for hardworking Americans, people who work for small businesses, which is over half of all Americans,” Barrasso continued. “I heard earlier on the news that Mnuchin and Schumer and Pelosi are working on a deal. Every Republican is going to want to scrutinize that, because we know that, when Schumer and Pelosi are involved, we know they slowed down the CARES Act because they wanted their wish list included.”

You can read the full article here.

Image credit: National Review

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