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Liberal News Host DEMANDS Trump Does THIS

Liberal News Host DEMANDS Trump Does THIS

Here’s what he said.

According to Breitbart News, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough attacked President Donald Trump stating if Trump were to leave office, “America would be far better off.”

“So, Joe … I ask you, what could the Republicans do at this point? Who are the Republicans who could make a difference? And what is it that they could do? Why are they so afraid?” questioned co-host Brzezinski. “Of course, the backdrop of this is if we all agree, that if something was said to this president, if they were able to close in on him, perhaps more lives could be saved.”

“Well, you know, people always talk about when Arizona conservative icon Barry Goldwater went to the White House and actually told Richard Nixon that it was time to leave,” replied Scarborough. “That’s not what we’re even asking here, though I believe America would be far better off.”

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“[S]enior citizens would be far safer. We could face this crisis far better if Donald Trump did leave office,” he reiterated. “That’s not going to happen, but, you know, we’re not talking about 50 Republicans here. We’re not talking about 30 Republicans. Five Republicans going over there, saying, ‘Mr. President, we’re not asking you to leave, we’re just asking you to do your job. We have people suffering in our districts, we have people suffering in our states, we have to get people back to work, but your own doctors have been telling you for months now that can’t happen without a robust testing regimen where we can test and trace, Mr. President, and you keep refusing to do that. You’re the only person in this government that can have a national approach to testing, to tracing, to treating, to doing the sort of things that we need to do to reopen our economies, to save our businesses in our states.’” You can watch a clip of Scarborough’s remarks here.

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  • Or as was clearly stated, some years back by a well known person;
    If all a person can do is complain
    without offering any solutions
    He is just a whiner

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