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Chuck Schumer LOSES It On Air, Says The UNTHINKABLE

Chuck Schumer LOSES It On Air, Says The UNTHINKABLE

He’s going to regret this one.

According to Breitbart News, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer attacked President Donald Trump stating that the Trump administration simply makes announcements on coronavirus, but instead of following through, picks on “a foil,” and “They’re going after Biden. They go after China. They go after W.H.O.”

Schumer said, “The administration seems to have no plan. Just look at what he did a few minutes ago, another grandiose announcement. This time, a Marshall Plan on vaccinations. Well, I hope they succeed. We need vaccinations. But if past is prologue, you have to be dubious. Because Donald Trump always has these grand announcements, and then there is no follow-through whatsoever.”

He added, “Look at testing, two months ago, he said, everyone who wants a test will get a test. We still are way behind in testing. … President Obama put together an extensive plan. Donald Trump seems to have no plan for anything, just announcement with no follow-through, no agencies all marching together to get something done.”

He continued, “And then there’s another grand announcement, and then the next day, there’s picking on — you know, finding a foil, McConnell found Obama. They’re going after Biden. They go after China. They go after W.H.O. There is no real focus on this by this administration to actually roll their sleeves up and solve the problem.” You can watch a clip of Schumer’s remarks here.

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  • Chuckys throng must be riding up again and it makes him say stupid things, what he should be doing is packing with his other pals Pelosi and Schiff. Worst, most corrupt morons in our government who brought down the Dem Party to its kneens.

  • This is coming from one of the Demontard Moon Bats that was too busy trying to inflict a jacked up impeachment attack on the President to see the Wuhan Virus was here and an immediate threat. Then when President Trump began taking action to head it off, they laughed at him for panicking over a little bug. How many millions would be dead today if we followed the Demontards lead. As usual their agenda and crisis remedies are always a world class train wreck and painful for the tax payer. Just like the current actions of these Demontard Mayors and Governors. How many businesses have gone under, how much pain and suffering have they spread, how many innocents have died, due to waiting on medical attention, elders exposed in nursing home by order of the Governors, and suicides out of despair. To take a hint from President Reagan the scariest thing you can hear is “We’re here from the Democrat party to help you.” It never ends well.

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