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Democrat CROSSES The Line, Deals LOW Blow To Trump

Democrat CROSSES The Line, Deals LOW Blow To Trump

He better be ready for what comes next.

According to Breitbart News, Rep. Steve Cohen attacked President Donald Trump stating he was “just defunct of knowledge and talks like a third-grader.”

Cohen said, “Well when you talk about somebody who thought a nuclear bomb could deter a hurricane, who thought that injecting some type of light or heat into a person’s body or some chemical could cure them of COVID-19, you are talking about somebody who is just defunct of knowledge and talks like a third-grader. He’s exactly right.”

He continued, “Today Navarro was on “Meet the Press,” and said Obama and the previous administration left our stockpiles empty. They had been in office three years, don’t you think that could get the stockpiles up to snuff. You buy a house, and you go in, and you can see the pantry doesn’t have the food you want, you go to the store and buy food. They are blaming Obama for the stockpile not being where they want it three years later.”

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He continued, They have been in charge of it for three years. They haven’t taken care of it. It’s absurd. President Obama was right. He is highly respected. This attack on Obama, it’s fantasy. That’s a hoax. It’s typical of what Trump does. He projects, and he lies. He is a mendacious individual. It’s dangerous at this serious time that we have somebody in office who is not capable of facing reality, dealing with science and being a leader and putting the country first.” You can read the full article here.

Image credit: Business Insider

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