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Biden LOSES It, Attacks Trump For Not Doing THIS

Biden LOSES It, Attacks Trump For Not Doing THIS

He needs to calm down…

Recently during a virtual town hall event, Biden decided to chastise President Trump for not wearing a mask. Biden stated that Trump “refused to acknowledge his responsibility” and attacked Trump for saying that “everything’s going fine and he does not need a mask.”

Biden continued saying, “I got my mask. I can’t walk outside my house [without wearing one] because the Secret Service is there. They’re all wearing their masks. They’re all getting tested. Come on.”

Biden seems to not know why people wear masks. The White House Coronavirus task force have stated multiple times that wearing a mask is mostly for the people who already have the virus.

Trump is not wearing a mask because he is not infected, and wearing a mask would probably give a red flag to citizens alluding to the fact that the President has caught the coronavirus.

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