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Hollywood Actress ATTACKS Trump, Regrets It IMMEDIATELY

Hollywood Actress ATTACKS Trump, Regrets It IMMEDIATELY

Now she will think twice…

Recently, Hollywood actress Debra Messing decided to attack President Trump by posting a picture of the president holding a Bible next to a picture of Hitler doing the same exact stance.

Her first mistake was thinking that the photo of Hitler holding a Bible was real. The real picture is of his hold up just his hand. The second mistake was going after the President.

Ted Cruz decided to input his thoughts and tweeted:

Seems like Democrats are good for one thing only and that’s trying to incite rage against the president using whatever means possible. This is the reason why Trump calls mainstream media fake news.

Read the full story here.

Image Credit: Page Six

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  • Debbie do anybuddy. Needs to have her brain check for mental illness. She is one of the true Looney tune of Hollywood. A sick person. Her child needs to be taken away from this hateful dangerous uneducated fool. Where is her ex husband? Is he has stupid as her? Please Debby shut up. Your A terrible actress a and a disgrace as a human being.

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