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Fox News Host STABS Trump In The Back

Fox News Host STABS Trump In The Back

He better be ready for what comes next.

According to Fox News, host Chris Wallace attacked President Donald Trump stating 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden is the new favorite to most Americans.

“The riots themselves have been horrible,” Wallace told host Chris Foster. “I will say I don’t think they were as bad as 1968 when cities were literally on fire.

“You know, you combine together the Floyd murder — alleged murder, I guess I should say — which is as bad, as wanton, as horrific to look at as any of these unfortunate things we’ve ever seen,” Wallace added. “And then the reaction, the protests, which I think are solid … that’s as old as the Founders and the Constitution. But then you had the rioting and the looting, which was horrible — and you know, they’re the lawbreakers, they should be put in jail.

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“And then put that in the context that we’ve been going through this coronavirus for three months and 40 million Americans are unemployed,” he concluded. You can read the full article here.

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  • Fox should stick a plug in Chris Wallace’s big mouth. Sorry Chris but your fans are disappearing for your attacking our president. He turns out right all the time and you keep making an ass out of yourself!

  • Get that smug prissy fart off thr air! Never have I seen such an Democrat advocate on FOX. With all these other channels such as CBS, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, AND THE CLINTON NEWS NETWORK HIRING ALL THE MUELLER CREW AND CROOKED FBI CAN’T YOU GET SMUG WALLACE ON ANOTHER CHANNEL? THIS GUY IS A BACKSTABBER!

  • Chris a little nazi like his father was. Both hate America. He really needs a good butt kicking. He is a disgrace to true journalists, he is a hack. Joe Biden the creepy pervert uncle who is a piece of trash. Anyone thinking he going to be president is a big idiot than joe. The Democrat party don’t even like him. He’s a clown. It’s the vp spot that Democrat party cares about. Joe would be dead in a week after the election. Don’t you think his wife know this. Poor man has no idea that the democrat party he loves is going to kill him. Hillary probably has her cartel members ready. Just like she and Obama killed the supreme court justice . Where to do.people live? I know the young people have been dumb down by our school system but old farts cheering for Joe Biden? It’s just sickening.

  • YES JC….You are correct, In addition, We The People really don’t care for this constant barrage of nastiness from
    CHRIS and the others in and out of the Media who just don’t let up on the criticism, without EVER ONCE
    giving credit for a job well done when they are able to let loose for a minute from the BULLY WHIP.
    ANY MORON, if even sort of awake, would have to notice the many accomplishments by our PRESIDENT
    and ignoring the good while constantly making up the bad is really stupid and very not all right or bright.

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