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Mayor Gets EXPOSED By Daughter

Mayor Gets EXPOSED By Daughter

Here’s what she said…

The Democratic mayor of New York City has recently stated that his daughter has confronted him in regards to his “white privilege.”

During a conference, de Blasio said his daughter “would talk to me about my own white privilege” and also said that “she’s usually right.”

De Blasio also stated that he is “starting to be open” to his privilege stating, “Usually her underlying impulse with me having to come to grips with something over many, many years has usually been right.”

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De Blasio’s daughter was arrested recently for protesting over the death of George Floyd, and was praised by her father for standing up for what was right.

The world is starting to spiral out of control. If this keeps up, there’s no telling what might happen. Read the full story here.

Image Credit: The New York Times

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  • I’d be more inclined to call what he has as Ignorant Assholeyo over white privilege. Just what is white privilege anyway? Is it when I was passed over for a job with the railroad because I was white and male? How about the job with one of the biggest gold mining companies because I was white and male? Is that white privilege?

  • Good thing she didn’t prosper from your white privilege. I call BS, and she needs to look in the mirror and see her true self, Privileged! It’s not just a white thing.

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