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Democrat Demands Trump Ban THIS From Rally

Democrat Demands Trump Ban THIS From Rally

You won’t believe what he said.

According to Breitbart News, Rep. Al Green attacked President Donald trump calling for him to ban all Confederate flags at his upcoming rally.

Cavuto said, “We do have with us right now, Al Green, who has also criticized the president on a planned Tulsa, Oklahoma, campaign event that was technically on Juneteenth, a holiday that marks the end of slavery. So you thought Congressman that at the very least, the timing was wrong and that the president is insensitive to that timing, that is essentially it?”

Green said, “Yes, I have been critical because quite frankly, it is very insensitive of the president, and there is some other adjectives that I can use, but I will be kind. I think the president understands that this is a special day in the lives of African Americans. It’s the day that General Gordon Granger came to Galveston and told the salves they were free. It is also the place that is of concern, the venue because this is where black people were massacred, Mr. Cavuto—massacred because they were successful black people. They had their own economy, and they were massacred. Also very shameful that the president is doing this in such a way that we might have the person’s attendance with rebel flags. As you know, there are many people, and they want to celebrate events, and they come with their flags. I would hope the president will not allow rebel flags.”

Cavuto said, “I’m wondering whether the president even knew that, whether they would be so deliberate?”

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Green said, “I would hope that if they knew, they would not. But he has people who are very learned around him, and they either knew or should have known. Mr. Miller is a very bright man. I don’t agree with all he does. No one can say that he is a person with a low level of intellect.” You can watch a clip of Green’s remarks here.

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  • My point to Mr.Green Is,,,,Why Now? With all that we have going on now in our country this is just a added talking distraction. And we must remember that Mr.Green was in the Obama Administration and what happened,,,NOTHING,,,,AS USUAL! Democrats like Green Ran Our Country For Eight Years,,,Right! NOTHING! All Democrats Want Is To Just Carp On Our President As Much As They Can! Democrats just want their POWER BACK,,,AND CAN’T STAND THAT PRESIDENT TRUMP IS DOING GREAT THINGS FOR THIS COUNTRY.

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