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Liberal Mayor HUMILIATED On Live TV

Liberal Mayor HUMILIATED On Live TV

She got what was coming to her.

During Fox News’ “Hannity,” civil rights attorney Leo Terrell chastised the Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms for her unconstitutional act.

Sean Hannity along with Larry Elder and Leo Terrell were talking about the shooting of Rayshard Brooks when Terrell said, “Let me tell you right now I have done these types of cases. People are trying, Democrats, people on those other cable networks are trying to conflate this case like George Floyd. It’s not. You look at the conversations those officers in Atlanta had with this man and it was peaceful. They are not racist.”

He continued saying, “And here’s the part that’s amazing. Keisha Bottoms, to fire that officer, wrong. He’s entitled to due process. You’re going to file charges, let a jury decide, but to make it out, to make the assumption that this case is a murder like George Floyd case is to incite people. That’s a typical democratic playbook gamesmanship …”

Terrell ended saying, “This case is totally separate and those people, those Republicans, independent and law-abiding Democrats know darn well this case is not like George Floyd, but the Democrats want to conflate it. I will not allow that to happen.”

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