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Liberal SNAPS, Attacks Trump

Liberal SNAPS, Attacks Trump

There’s something wrong with him…

Recently on “The Daily Briefing,” Democratic strategist Chris Hahn decided to stated that he believed that Trump would lose his reelection bid and all his “incompetent” staffers will be going to Walmart to look for jobs.

Hahn was talking about Trump and the executive order by Trump when he said, “When you’re the President of the United States, Matt, you are responsible even when it is not your fault particularly.”

Matt Schlapp, the American Conservative Union President responded saying, “Criminal justice reform. Criminal justice reform.”

Hahn then shouted, “He’s done nothing to lower the temperature in this country. He’s only stoked the flames and made things worse and chaotic. And that’s why he’s going to lose in November. And all of the incompetent people who work for him will be looking for jobs with you or at Walmart.”

The host Dana Perino decided to then bring everything to a close and quickly said, “The economy is going to be good, everyone’s going to have a job. I love Walmart.”

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Watch a full clip of the statements here.

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