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Republican Traitor CAUGHT Red-Handed

Republican Traitor CAUGHT Red-Handed

What does he have to say for himself?

Recently on an airing of Fox News, anchor Martha MacCallum was interviewing John Bolton about his book and wondered why he published his book and refused to testify for Trump’s impeachment.

MacCallum asked Bolton, “Why not take that opportunity to testify, and to say look, you guys are doing this all wrong? I also want to talk about several other countries that I feel there was malpractice in on this presidency. Why not take advantage of that because it looks as you know … it just looks like you were saving it to make money off the book.

Bolton deflected saying that if he were actually trying to make money he “wouldn’t have joined the government to begin with.”

It all makes sense now. Bolton got fired and needed money and he probably wanted to seek vengeance for Trump firing him. He is exactly what everyone in the government is saying about him. A complete disaster.

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