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Erratic Mayor Moves To ELIMINATE Citizens’ Rights

Erratic Mayor Moves To ELIMINATE Citizens’ Rights

This needs to be stopped immediately!

Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot recently stated that the best way to eliminate Chicago’s gun violence was simply to introduce more gun control.

Lightfoot had apparently made a statement in response to President Trump intimidating Democrat-run cities by stating that the federal government could step in to reduce the violence.

Lightfoot stated, “If the president was really committed to helping us deal with our violence, he would do some easy things. What he would push for is universal background checks, he would push for an assault weapons ban, he would push to make sure that people who are banned from getting on airplanes can’t get guns.”

What Lightfoot seemed to have forgotten is that the Chicago-area has an “assault weapons” ban, yet there is still an overwhelming amount of gun violence in the area.

This brings into question, why would she want an even stricter gun policy when an enacted gun policy isn’t preventing violence?

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If there were an even stricter gun policy enacted, it would hamper citizens having harder times protecting themselves. Criminals are most likely NOT acquiring guns legally, so the policy would not apply to them.

Such a law would have no impact on Chicago gun violence because it presupposes criminals are buying their guns from a retail store instead the street.”

Read the whole story here.

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