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Obama Henchmen Reveals Her DARK Secret

Obama Henchmen Reveals Her DARK Secret

This will catch you by surprise…

Former National Security Advisor and Obama’s U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice has revealed that her son is a Trump supporter and previously led the Stanford College Republicans.

Rice spoke with NPR and said ,”I have a 23-year-old son whom I love dearly, whose politics are very, very different from my own and from the rest of our family. My son and I will have some robust disagreements over some matters of policy, not all. And yet, at the end of the day, you know, I love him dearly, and he loves me.”

Rice’s son, John David Rice-Cameron, spoke about his relationship with his mother on Fox stating, “My mother and I have a great relationship, and my mother believes strongly in the free and respectful exchange of ideas. We disagree on most of the standard Republican/Democrat disagreements. However, we agree that America is the greatest nation the world has ever seen, and thus, we believe that America has an important role to play as a force for liberty and justice on the world stage.”

“We support robust American engagement in Africa, and we agree that Russia poses a major threat to American interests. We agree on the importance of American allies, and in a continued American commitment to NATO.”

Seeing families with differences and acting cordially might be rare nowadays.

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  • Shocked Not at all even in Democrapic families all of them can’t be BLITHERING IDIOTS. Every so often a good human is to their detriment born in a Democrapic family or a slime bag like Democrap is born into a Good family. If they are anything like most Democraps and Republican arguments then she must have a path worn in her rug where she walked off in a snit when he hit her with TRUTH.

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