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Senator Gives WARNING To Voters

Senator Gives WARNING To Voters

This is what he said…

Senator John Kennedy has issued a warning to voters about Joe Biden’s newly announced running mate Kamala Harris. He wants voters to know that she is not “the moderate that the media claims that she is.”

He said, “Kamala is my colleague, so I want to congratulate her. I think she is very personable. She’s very smart, she’s very aggressive, and she’s very liberal. I think of Kamala, I would describe her as Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez but smarter and without the bartending experience. She’ll be a very formidable candidate.”

“Vice President Biden has promised to be the most liberal president in history if he’s elected, and toward that end I think he picked the right running mate because Senator Harris is very, very, very liberal. I think they represent the new Democratic Party, which I think has clearly moved to the left, I don’t think that’s particularly a newsflash for anyone.”

“I think they both believe we’re one tax increase away from prosperity and they will massively raise taxes. I think they’re both very pro-abortion, they think that the border is a nuisance. I think in terms of our enemies across the world, they think we need to be more understanding. I don’t think they believe that weakness invites the wolves, as I do.”

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It might be wise to take Kennedy’s statement to heart. If what he is saying is true, there is no way Biden should win. America will literally fall apart if he becomes president.

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Image Credit: Business Insider

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