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Republican Senator ENDORSES Biden, Regrets It Immediately

Republican Senator ENDORSES Biden, Regrets It Immediately

He should have thought long and hard before doing that.

Former Republican Senator Jeff Flake was interviewed by Fox News host Martha MacCallum recently about his endorsement to Joe Biden.

She asked him about his thoughts on Biden’s statement, “If I’m elected, I will be the most progressive president in history.”

He responded saying, “Well, I think if you look at Joe Biden’s record, he’s not been that.”

She replies saying, “But that’s what he says.”

Flake responds saying, “Right. And this is a primary, too, that he’s just been through. He also said during his primary that he would work with Republicans, that he would work across the aisle; that’s not a popular thing to say in a Democratic primary, but he did. So I think if you look at his record, and what he’s been all about for so many years, he’s a creature of the Senate. He knows how to compromise. He knows how to work across the aisle, and I’m confident he’ll do that in the future.”

Seems like people will take what Trump says word for word, but when someone like Biden says something outrageous, people will give him the benefit of the doubt.

MacCallum then continued to try to get Flake to tell her the true reason for supporting Biden, but in the end he simply stated that Biden “‘will stand up and have reverence for our institutions of government’ and will ‘preserve the public space where we Republicans and Democrats can go back to disagreeing about policy and not just this rank tribalism that we see today.'”

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