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Joe Biden Says The UNTHINKABLE On Air

Joe Biden Says The UNTHINKABLE On Air

What was he thinking?

According to CNS News, 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden attacked President Donald Trump stating that “all pain and suffering stems from President Trump’s failure to lead.”

“All pain and suffering stems from President Trump’s failure to lead,” Biden said. “His sheer inability and unwillingness to bring people together. He likes to sign executive orders, actions for photo ops. But they’re ill-conceived and can do more harm than good.”

“He should be doing his job of calling congressional leaders together immediately to get a deal and deliver real results for the American people,” said Biden.

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“This is the first president in the middle of a crisis I’ve never seen has called Congress into the Oval Office,” Biden said. “If I were president, that’s what I’d do and I would get it done like previous presidents.” You can read the full article here.

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  • The “ALL PAIN AND SUFFERING” that the old creepy crook Joe Biden’s talking about – if he really was an honest man, that, which he’s not; not only has a (100% ) direct relation to ALL of the corruption and to that of the evil-sickness about the so called “resistance/opposition” that them deceitful , most corrupt of radical progressive democrats .. whom, in (criminal and treasonous) association with all their lying, most vicious of minions in the mainstream .. together, ALL of these treasonous pukes have continued, but to most selfishly and shamelessly, lie, cheat, and deceive the USA’s citizenry .. since 2016. However .. “We, the people” already know all too damn well of the identity of the real domestic enemie(s) to our people and our Nation. What’s more .. a vote for any a present day “democrat” should be considered as treason.

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