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ENRAGED Democrat LOSES It On Air

ENRAGED Democrat LOSES It On Air

She is willing to say anything to attack Trump.

According to Breitbart News, former Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice attacked President Donald Trump stating that his most recent plan to restore patriotic education to our schools was “the most communist, retro, crazy thing I’ve heard out of Donald Trump’s mouth in a while.”

Rice said, “This was one of the most astonishing speeches I’ve heard him give. He talks about patriotic education. I thought I was listening to Mao Zedong running communist China. We don’t have the education where the dear leader tells the people what they must learn. We open students’ minds. We give them facts. We teach them how to analyze. We teach them civics and the foundations of the Constitution. When you study the Constitution, which it appears Donald Trump hasn’t, you understand it is a living document that has evolved. He heralded today the signing of the Constitution in 1787 as a great day, it was.”

She added, “I love the Constitution. I’ve sworn an oath to protect it against all enemies, foreign and domestic. In 1787, you and I, Erin, and all women in our country couldn’t participate in the democracy. We had no vote. If you were African-American and a male, the constitution of 1787 said you are worth 3/5 of a human being. So, to celebrate that and deny the realities of our history, positive and negative, and to wipe out the history of slavery in this country and to call the teaching of it un-American is the most communist, retro, crazy thing I’ve heard out of Donald Trump’s mouth in a while.” You can watch a clip of Rice’s remarks here.

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