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Schumer Gets SILENCED During Press Conference

Schumer Gets SILENCED During Press Conference

He got what he deserved.

During a recent press conference, Senator Chuck Schumer was interrupted by people calling him out.

Schumer was talking about his thoughts on filling the seat left by Justice Ginsburg stating, “Senate Republicans in this administration have demonstrated they can’t be trusted to protect the American people. That’s why Senator Murray and I introduced the stop act to establish essential oversight of the coronavirus response. The bill would create a task force to report to the public when Politics are behind COVID response decisions rather than Republicans just letting scientists doing their work. You’ll hear more about that from Senator Murray, but we Democrats are fighting as we hard as we can to protect Americans. And we need Americans to …”

Someone interrupted him shouting, “Stop lying to the people!” Another person yelled, “Jesus saves!”

Schumer was taken aback and simple stated, “Thank you.”

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Image Credit: Business Insider

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